Player Profiles

Ashley Chedzoy – Captain
Fast bowler who gets lots of bounce Ashley is one of the most enthusiastic players in the team. His performances in 2008 didn’t quite live up to the previous season when he topped the bowling charts and the fantasy cricket but he still made some valuable runs, took 10 wickets and took the most catches.
Russell Palmer – Vice Captain
Russell has been Northern’s top bowler in the past but while his pace has detiorated his batting has come on in leaps and bounds. Can always be relied upon to take wickets though and his slower ball accounts for many victims. Came back into the team last year following a year off and took away Bowler of the Year.
Richard Adams
Chris Baker
Chris is a big hitting batsman and excellent fielder. Second top scorer a few seasons back in his only full season but with the new addition to the family is unlikely to be a regular. Doesn’t like astroturf wickets.
David Bonney
Charles Brain
Charles is a former captain. An accurate change bowler and middle order batsman Charles will be hoping to score more runs this season. Last season he took the most wickets (16) which included an incredible spell of 3-3 off 5 overs.
Adam Brewer
Adam is a new signing for the 2010 season. Big hitting batsman and able to bowl we hope he’ll get some big knocks this season.
Martin Britton
Martin was a new signing for the 2009 season. A keen fielder with a good eye for the ball he will hope to get a few runs early in the season with his shiny new bat.
Ashish Chatap
New signing for this season Ashish is an seam bowler who takes wickets. Accurate and deceiving he will be a great addition to Northern’s substantial bowling line up. Not bad with the bat too.
Brett Clarke
Most recognisable player in the club. A bowler who can deliver some deceiving seam bowling he’ll either get wickets or concede a bag full. Always first to volunteer to umpire and solid in his role of number 11 batsman. Hinted at retirement for the last few seasons but relented and had his best season in years in 2008 in the unfamiliar role of opening bowler.
Lewis Foley
Andy Gill
Andy can be guaranteed to put in 100% effort. Not the best technique in the world but can put bat on ball and score quick runs. That’s RUNS Andy, not POINTS.
Steve Hood
Northerns best player over the last few years Steve missed most of the previous 2 seasons due to cricketing commitments with his “proper” club but last season returned with a bang and a new found confidence with the bat. Smashed every batting record the club had and walked away with the fantasy cricket. Ruined his chance of a 100 average in 2008 with a duck in the last game.
Ben Horlock
Like Steve above ‘Pro’ plays weekend cricket and is a good batsman, bowler and excellent fielder. Won batsman of the year with a 56 batting average.
Dan Jones
Dan was the perennial winner of the coveted duck cup until last season. Left handed and bats around 5 Dan is the longest serving player outside of the hardcore originals.
Gareth Jones
Fastest bowler in the team and more than useful with the bat ‘Gaz’ is a key player. Doesn’t get the wickets he deserves but you can’t fault his economy rates. Second highest batting average behind Steve last season and was voted bowler of the year by his team mates in 2008. Needs the club to sign a slip catcher.
Carl Manley
Carl played a few years back and following a series of knee operations doesn’t play that often any more. Capable of scoring runs quickly and with a Malinga-esque bowling action Northern will benefit from his presence.
Dave Manley
Dave was the first choice in the role as wicketkeeper last season. Capable of making good stops but also prone to putting down chances. Following a top score of 31 a few years back he’s probably not scored that many in the last 3 seasons – firmly entrenched above Brett at number 10.
Kunal Mhadgut
Kunal is a new signing and has excelled with the bat this season making the early running in the fantasy cricket. A finesse player with a great eye he’s also capable of bowling a decent spell with his medium pace and is also a quality fielder. He’ll be missed when he leaves.
Rhodri Morgan
Northern’s other recognised keeper Rhodri is a decent batsman capable of making a contribution in the middle order.
Stephen Norman
Liam Palmer
Alongside Ben one of the young player in the team Liam is a useful bowler and fielder whose batting came on in leaps and bounds the season before last but he didn’t make an appearance at all last year.
Dan Perkins
Known variously as ‘Perky’, ‘Perks’, ‘The Perkolator’ Dan joined just as last season began and leapt straight in to a position as opening bowler. Often too harsh on himself if he makes a mistake he’s a popular member of the team and is always up for the match.
James Thomas
Neil Thomas
Neil had a bit part role last season scoring 11 in 4 innings and bowling a single over which went for 15 runs resulting in him being the only player in the team on negative bowling points in the fantasy league charts. Always available though and the kind of player all captains need in their squad.
Jimmy Vaile
Ginger haired opening batsman and one of Northern’s keenest fielders. Has made some great scores and with Steve put on several match winning partnerships over the last couple of seasons. Jimmy held the captaincy for the 2010 season.
Barrie Willacott
Baz was the teams highest scoring batsman in 2007 but will admit he was poor in the last few seasons. A top order left hander Baz can score good runs when he’s not getting himself out to ‘that’ shot. Question marks exist over the fielder formerly known as “the wall” – possibly now “the broken fence”.
Nick Windley

Former Players

Danny Gerrard
Spin bowler and useful batsman ‘Chinky’ hasn’t played much recently but would be welcomed back as he’s our only recognised spinner.
Matthew Rowley
Mathew Walsh
Jarryd Wilkins
Jarryd hails from Australia and was recruited to the Northern ranks after Ben got him along to our game against Barry Wanderers. Impressing with a top score with the bat and then cleaning out the tail with his spin bowling Jarryd was immediately signed up and then went on to score 59 on debut.