2013 Fixtures published

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The 2013 fixtures are now available on the fixtures page. Initial notes show that we have 2 Mondays, 6 Tuesdays, 5 Wednesdays and 7 Thursdays plus two Round 2 cup games also pencilled in for Thursdays.  Also the season is stretched 2 weesk further into August than in previous years but that does mean less weeks with 2 games (only 5 currently and 2 of those are cup game weeks).

New season recruitment

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Cardiff Northern are keen to hear from anyone looking to play midweek cricket in 2013. If you are keen and interested then contact us here, all abilities welcome.

Northern records smashed

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Playing with a depleted side of 9 Cardiff Northern gave Kunal a great send off when he and Ashish compiled a record breaking 194/0 with Ashish beating the club record score with 107NO including 8 maximums. Kunal got 71NO and although the opposition easily collected maximum batting points themselves they were unlikely to ever get close. Those who were there will probably never forget it.

On another note, apologies for being so behind with the web site. I need a couple more scorecards to be sent and I’ll then upload them over the weekend, get them checked and update the stats.

Finally a big goodbye to Kunal, one of the most technically gifted batsman in Northern history and a nice guy with it. We’ll miss you fella.

First game XI

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This Thursdays team is

Dan J
Nick W
Steve H

Please confirm availability.

Team Selection

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From Baz

Welcome to the 2012 season.

Secretary – Dan Jones
Vice secretary – Charles Brain
Captain – Ash Chedzoy
Vice captain – Russell Palmer
Fixture secretary – Barrie Willacott

Let’s get some games played. I intend to communicate prior to each game with Ash, who will tell me his preferred 11 given those available. The 11 will be posted on the club website and ALL those selected should leave a simple YES comment to confirm that they are free. Anyone who has NOT confirmed 24 hours before the game will be assumed unavailable and someone else will be selected.

It is a trial for the first few games so we will see how it goes.

2012 Fixtures

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Fixtures for the coming season are now all up on the web site.  For those who want a quick review the games break down as follows: Monday 4 matches,  Tuesday 6, Wednesday 4 and Thursday 8.

First game is Thursday 10th May, Lord only knows if it’ll be anywhere near dry enough by then.

2012 Season

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The new season fixtures are available on the league site – see the link on the right hand side.  Also note that registrations must be in by the 1st May so make sure you’ve confirmed your details with our new secretary Dan Jones by then.

New season – yay or nae

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Message from Baz who is trying to determine if we have a side this season…..

The season is fast approaching, nets need to be booked and players registered etc. Charles and Dan have agreed to do the secretary role between them and I will do the hard work of getting 11 players to each game (after consulting with the skipper first).

There has been a lot of confusion and lack of organisation since the end of last season which needs to be addressed ASAP. No one went to the AGM for example. I have contacted the league today to confirm our participation for the forthcoming season. This is subject to commitment from all of you.

Please get in touch with me to confirm your commitment in the coming season in a playing capacity, either inbox or text me 07891708953 ASAP.

The coming season – please read

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We’re just over two weeks away from the League AGM which signals the start of the new season. The league presentation has been scheduled for 13th February and the AGM is the week after on the 20th.

With the issue of Captain and Secretary still outstanding we have to make some decisions fairly quickly, indeed the treasurer has to be named at the AGM so it doesn’t leave us long to decide that. I cannot continue doing it this season due to work commitments and in fact I don’t expect to be available for many games in May as I’m working away Monday-Thursday starting on the 13th – so probably can’t make the presentation myself.

While not as hair pulling as the Captains role as there’s no phoning around after players and trying to sort an XI the Secretary role does have the most responsibility as far as the League is concerned because it is the Secretary who has to make sure the result cards are filled in, signed and sent to the league the day after the game. Any correspondence, details of match cancellations etc from the League will also go to the Secretary. Therefore it is essential that a Secretary be available for almost all games (I think I’ve missed 2 in 3 years) but doing the role does almost guarantee selection so there are perks in that respect. I will hopefully be back and playing by June but based on previous years that could be 8 games into the season – at that point I’m happy to help out and fill in if the secretary is away but it is the first month that is crucial and why someone needs to volunteer to take on the job by the 13th and then attend the AGM on the 20th.

CMCL Presentation Night

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For anyone who wants to go it’s at the Park Conservative Club on City Road on the 9th November at 7:30pm. Robert Croft will be presenting. Let me know if you fancy going.