The coming season – please read

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We’re just over two weeks away from the League AGM which signals the start of the new season. The league presentation has been scheduled for 13th February and the AGM is the week after on the 20th.

With the issue of Captain and Secretary still outstanding we have to make some decisions fairly quickly, indeed the treasurer has to be named at the AGM so it doesn’t leave us long to decide that. I cannot continue doing it this season due to work commitments and in fact I don’t expect to be available for many games in May as I’m working away Monday-Thursday starting on the 13th – so probably can’t make the presentation myself.

While not as hair pulling as the Captains role as there’s no phoning around after players and trying to sort an XI the Secretary role does have the most responsibility as far as the League is concerned because it is the Secretary who has to make sure the result cards are filled in, signed and sent to the league the day after the game. Any correspondence, details of match cancellations etc from the League will also go to the Secretary. Therefore it is essential that a Secretary be available for almost all games (I think I’ve missed 2 in 3 years) but doing the role does almost guarantee selection so there are perks in that respect. I will hopefully be back and playing by June but based on previous years that could be 8 games into the season – at that point I’m happy to help out and fill in if the secretary is away but it is the first month that is crucial and why someone needs to volunteer to take on the job by the 13th and then attend the AGM on the 20th.

4 Responses to “The coming season – please read”

  1. ashley chedz chedzoy Says:

    I have texted Baz to see if we can meet a few hours before the CMCL presentation night.

  2. russell palmer Says:

    I’m not available for the CMCL presentation night but have put my ideas forward to Baz who is going to be there .

  3. Ashish Says:

    Sorry Guys..Currently in India coming to Cardiff on 8th of March.

  4. Dave Says:

    As long as you are over in time to sign up we’ll let you off Ash.

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