All change at the top

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This seasons captain Mr Chedzoy has announced his intention to stand down as the clubs captain for next season due to work commitments and the fact that he might not even be in the country next year. Any player who fancies the job and is happy to take on the responsibility for team selection and on pitch captaincy should make it known and the club committee will make a decision.

Also after doing it for too many years and giving notice last year I’m confirming that I’m going to step down as secretary for next season. It was hard enough last year with me living outside of Cardiff but with me now also working equally far away in another direction it’s proven quite a headache. It’s also wound work up good and proper due to my having to commit to be at games sometimes twice a week so unable to travel.

The secretary role is suited to someone who can commit to being at the vast majority of games – I think I’ve missed 2 in the last 4 years – as you are responsible for making sure the scorecards are completed and signed, the score texted in and the scorecard copied up and scanned or posted to the league the next day. You would also be responsible for any communication with the league and other teams. I’m happy to carry on doing the web site if the person taking over is able to send me the copy of the scorecard. Any volunteers? Please note we can’t have a team if we don’t have a secretary.

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  1. Martin Britton Says:

    I think Dan Jones should be secretary, he’s a dependable trustworthy fellow.
    I’ll be captain no worries, admittedly I know nothing about cricket, but we’re in the third division after all and I can read a book or two over winter !

  2. Dave Says:

    Both sound like excellent suggestions. Perhaps you should lead from the front too by opening the batting?

  3. Martin Britton Says:

    I like the cut of your jib Dave, great that you’ve got behind the decision

  4. Martin Britton Says:

    I would like to say, thanks very much to Dave for his contribution whilst I’ve been at the club, a fairly thankless task but absolutely vital to the team, Cardiff Northern would not exist without such efforts.
    Thanks to Ash for being captain too, I don’t think anyone on the team is as well respected as an all rounder and generally sound bloke.

  5. Martin Britton Says:

    PS that wasn’t my first speech as Captain, I was just saying 🙂

  6. Dave Says:

    At the moment Mart you’re the front runner as the only one to put their hand up.

    Ash claims he’s off to New Zealand but I reckon he’s off to LA to make a couple of tv show pilots.

  7. russell palmer Says:

    I second Martins comment dave & Ash have done a great job for the team and im sure everyone is greatfull for there efforts.

  8. Martin Britton Says:

    Thanks Russ, thats decided then 🙂
    Next season, with me at the helm, we’ll be playing a different style of cricket, a bit like “Total Football” only called “Q3 Cricket” more news to follow on exactly what this means.

  9. ashley chedz chedzoy Says:

    Yup! I second everything Martin & Russ has said about Dave.

    Fantastic Job done throughout the years, THANK YOU Dave……

    As for the comments about myself, thank you very much, but I only done it for a year!

    My vote for Sec & Cap goes to Dan & Mart!!!

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