Selection for both games this week

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The following are selected for both Tuesday and Thursday at Blackweir

Russ (c)
Steve H
Ben H
Dan J
Dan P

Tuesday’s extra player is Charles.
Thursday is Baz.

Any issues contact Russell as Ashley is away.

8 Responses to “Selection for both games this week”

  1. Barrie Says:

    4 games in a row not selected when I’ve been available for 3!?

    So much or fair rotation and loyalty to those that go to nets and play for the WHOLE season!!!

  2. Dave Says:

    If you’ve got an issue Baz I suggest you take it up with the captain, or in this case vice captain rather than airing your dissatisfaction on here. Doesn’t do you any favours.

  3. barrie Says:

    Judging by the txts I’ve had, I’d say it has.

    I understand keeping the side for Tues, but I was told I was playing Thurs, no dif airing my views here as in the pub after a game!

  4. Dave Says:

    Ok it’s done you some favours, I’d question if it’s done any favours for the team and team morale.

    Wasn’t long ago you were claiming Ash as the best captain we’ve ever had. Fact is you should have spoken to Russell or Ash first before complaining to the world. Now you’ve just left a team of players thinking they’re playing at your expense.

    Personally if you made it clear you were available for both I would have tried to make sure you were selected for one of the two but ultimately the decision is down the the captain – not me and not you.

  5. ashley chedz chedzoy Says:

    Its hard enough selected and getting everyone there Baz! Stop throwing your toys out of the pram otherwise I’ll impose a club fine…

    I want to get us promoted and even better to win the league! to me this we be a massive achievement to all involved.

    Theres not an aweful lot I can do about the weather or your shifts Baz! If i remember rightly, no so long ago you said you could play when you couldnt! Hence another phone call made in my time to arrange a replacement!

    Just toe the line! If you look on the fanatasy points, you’ll see there are alot of players that I havent been able to play as often as I would of liked.

    Feel free to endorse my idea of setting up a ‘B’, but i’ll be buggered if I’ll organise that as well….

  6. Dave Says:

    On the subject of a B side. If it were to happen someone else gets to be the secretary

  7. russell palmer Says:

    I will second your idea of a club fine for Baz, the fine being a pint each for the captain and vice captain.

  8. Dave Says:

    Treasurer will have to process fines so I guess that means for for Dan J too.

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