Friendly Match vs Dinas Powys, Dinas Powys Common

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Northern once more played a 40 over game against a Sunday team and came away with a victory.
Being put into bat and given instructions to stay in and make sure we lasted the overs Jimmy Vaile and Russ Palmer strode purposely to the middle as everyone else settled down on the side to their tasks at hand, Ashish and Nick scoring, Dave on the scoreboard, Ashley smoking and Carl and Baz revising for an exam.

Gareth Jones was padded up and ready to go but it became clear that Jim and Russ had no intention of coming off any time soon. A comfortable 3 an over to start moving towards 4 an over as they progressed it was the last ball before drinks that saw Russell caught for 22 with Jimmy on around 40.

Gaz batted confidently finding the boundary at will, Jimmy resisted the nervy late 40s and made 50, and it was a surprise when Gaz fell for 18 just as he looked set. Chatap was unlucky to be deemed LBW for 5 after getting a big stride in. Barrie came in next and batted fluently for his 12 before being caught but while this went on Jimmy’s serene progress continued as he passed 80, and the club record, and started dreaming of 3 figures.

Captain Chedzoy played a dream of an innings scoring quickly but also giving Jim plenty of the strike and it was the 39th over when a misfield allowing a boundary took Jimmy to his 100. The first in Northern history although only Northern’s second match over 18 overs. Jimmy was run out on the penultimate ball of the innings allowing Nick Windley a chance to stand at the non strikers end as Ashley took another 2 to finish 31 not out. 214 was a new club record score and Northern took tea confident they would go into the second innings firm favourites.

Second innings report to follow.

  J Vaile        Run Out                  100
  R Palmer       Caught        S Wilton    22
  G Jones        Caught        S Wilton    18
  A Chatap       LBW           Colley       5
  B Willacott    Caught        Pearce      12
  A Chedzoy      Not Out                   31
  N Windley      Not Out                    0
  C Manley
  V Chikkodi
  D Manley
  B Clarke
  Extras                                   26
  Total                                   214-5

                     O   M   R   W
        T Davies     6   0  15   0
        Mitchell     6   0  14   0
        W Mardell    8   2  26   0
        S Wilton     8   0  46   2
        Pearce       6   0  48   1
        Colley       6   0  47   1

  R Tucker       Ct (Chikkodi) Jones       30
  T Davies       Bowled        Palmer       3
  M Wilton       Bowled        Chatap      56
  R Todd-Burn't  Bowled        Jones        0
  A Mardell      Bowled        Jones        3
  G Colley       Bowled        Chatap      50
  W Mardell      Bowled        Chedzoy      4
  D Pearce       Bowled        Chatap       0
  S Wilton       R/O (C.Manley/Chatap)      0
  R Mitchell     Not Out                    2
  N Thomas       Ct (Jones)    Clarke       0
  Extras                                   23
  Total                                   164-5
                    O   M   R   W
        G Jones     8   1  40   3
        R Palmer    8   1  36   1
        A Chedzoy   8   1  24   1
        A Chatap    7   1  27   3
        B Clarke    2.4 0  17   1
        V Chikkodi  1   0  15   0

                 bat bowl catch runout stumping TOTAL
  J Vaile        135                            135
  A Chedzoy       46  53                         99
  G Jones         23  54   5                     82
  R Palmer        27  34                         61
  A Chatap         5  51           5             61
  B Willacott     17                             17
  C Manley                         5              5
  B Clarke             5                          5
  N Windley        0                              0
  V Chikkodi          -5   5                      0
  D Manley                                        0

Man of Match - J Vaile

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