Match vs The Huntsman, Blackweir

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Northern faced a tough game against The Hunstman
Report written by special guest writer Nick Windley..

After last weeks game against the Maccabi getting away from the boys, but coming back strong against the 404’s with a tight finish, it was time for the Northern lads to try and get some consistency going. With the league table looking tight, with nothing between the top 6 or 7 teams a win for Northern against The Huntsman would put them firmly in the upper echelons of the table, while also dealing a blow to a rival side’s title credentials.

It had been noted before the game while waiting for Jimmy “Always Late” Vaile that The Huntsman had been knocking some decent scores in the previous few weeks, so we knew it was game on. With both sides missing players through poor timekeeping, Northern Captain Ashley Chedzoy elected to field first. With the field set and the opening batsman waiting the first ball, Gareth Jones stepped up with a plum of a delivery confusing the batsman and hitting middle stump, resigning him to watch from the umpire’s position for the rest of the Innings (Jimmy STILL hadn’t turned up at this point…). The next partnership proved to be a bit more resolute with some safe shots being made, but without much going down in the scorers book. With Jones taking his second wicket for the game and thus breaking up the partnership, the big hitting Batsman at 4 made his way to the crease. Not knowing what to expect the batsman was halfway down the crease while striking the ball for 6’s and 4’s. It took a well bowled delivery from Ashish Chatap to dismiss him, taking his stumps out! The Batsman was halfway back to the pavilion by the time his bails came off. The remaining opener didn’t last long, playing some increasingly risqué shots, one hitting Nick Windley right on the shin while fielding at Short Mid Wicket. Known for taking one for the team it surely stopped a boundary and kept their score down.

Once dismissed it was left with Dan Perkins and Captain Chedzoy to take out the remaining wickets, in the quickly diminishing over’s The Huntsman had left to try and post a decent score. With Catches for Jones and Chedzoy (including one dropped), the Huntsman finished on 76-7 A score that a team would (should!) struggle to defend.

With the two Northern Openers (Jones and Russ Palmer) taking to the field, just keeping the runs ticking over would be enough to see this game out. With the opening bowler sending down some good, but easily dealt with deliveries, it was there second bowler that started to cause problems for the Northern Batsmen, with Jones and Vaile both being dismissed by his bowling with Palmer going in-between. This brought into the crease the Northern’s Indian Connection, Chatap and new boy Chikkodi.

Chatap, always trying to keep the game exciting, with his teammates hearts in their mouths done his best to try and get run out, If the ECB had footage of the game they would try and check for betting irregularities it was that bizarre, but with the fielder attemping to smash the bails into next week, he failed to make a connection from 5 yards and Chatap made it back (just).

It wasn’t long before Chatap was dismissed, playing one of his trademark shots that seems to always do more damage to the Northern innings than good and thus shortening his playing time, sent the ball into the air for a simple catch for the Huntsman fielder.

This brought last weeks scoring hero, Chedzoy, into the fray to try and kick start the innings. A respectable score of 10 for the new boy Chikkodi, went down well with the selectors before getting dismissed. Next brought on Dan Jones, who after getting padded up for what seemed like an age the week before, and therefore not getting a chance to show off his skills, made his way to the middle. Then there was the run out you had to see to believe. Chedzoy, the personification of coolness against the 404’s lost his head and went for a run that was never there in a million years. He probably wanted a fag. That’s the only explanation that I can come up with. This brought in Windley who after his Duck in his last outing, wanted to a) survive the first ball, b) not get caught behind…again and c) get some runs on the board. Down to the final bowlers in the Huntsman attack, this allowed Windley and Jones some freedom, before Jones was bowled.

Perkins was next in, and with the end of the over was on strike next….GONE, First Ball, Golden Duck! Which places him firmly at the top of the “Duck Cup League Table”. With batsmen dropping like flies, but the bowling getting worse it was down to Dave Manley, who is part of the furniture at this club, to come in with Windley in an attempt to get the remaining 20 runs from 4 overs needed to win the game. The Logica boys started well, with Windley hitting a Single and Manley hitting a 4. Then in a moment of Chatap-esque madness, Manley skied one ball up into the air for the fielder to try and catch…which he did, gratefully.

This brought in the evergreen Brett Clarke, Northern’s ever present No.11, and whose mum has a hotline through to the Captain and will expect an explanation as to why her son was not in the XI. With Windley facing the last ball of the over and thinking that there was only one over left the Call of “Single” to get back on strike was made from the selectors on the side. He went for a ball that under normal circumstances should never have gone to play, but this wasn’t normal circumstances. With the ball cannoning off the underside of the bat and taking out his wickets the game was done,

Falling 12 runs short of the win with 2 over’s to play. A disappointing batting performance letting down an excellent fielding display. The team were quite rightly bummed about the result, and trudged off to the pub, to discuss what could (and should) have been over a nice cold pint.

  D Allen        Bowled        Jones        0
  M Morgan       Bowled        Chedzoy     18
  B Barren       Bowled        Jones        3
  A Bagnell      Bowled        Chatap      14
  M Barnett      Bowled        Perkins     15
  J Trueman      Caught        Chedzoy      4
  J Nash-Wright  Caught        Perkins      3
  S Hughes       Not Out                    6
  N Trueman      Not Out                    1
  J Adams

  Extras                                   12
  Total                                    96-2
                    O   M   R   W
        G Jones     4   1   8   2
        R Palmer    4   0  17   0
        A Chedzoy   3   0  14   2
        A Chatap    3   0  20   1
        D Perkins   2   0  12   2
        B Clarke    2   0   6   0

  R Palmer       Caught        Bagwell      4
  G Jones        Bowled        Nash-Wright 11
  J Vaile        Bowled        Nash-Wright  7
  A Chatap       Caught        J Trueman    5
  V Chikkodi     Bowled        Bagwell     10
  A Chedzoy      Run Out                    4
  D Jones        Bowled        J Trueman    2
  N Windley      Bowled        N Trueman    4
  D Perkins      Bowled        Bagwell      0*
  D Manley       Caught        N Trueman    4
  B Clarke       Not Out                    0
  Extras                                   13
  Total                                    64 All Out

                     O   M   R   W
        D Allen      4   1  10   0
        J NashWright 4   0  12   2
        A Bagwell    4   0  23   3
        J Trueman    3   0  11   2
        N Trueman    1   0   5   2

                 bat bowl catch runout stumping play TOTAL
  G Jones         11  44    5                    10    70
  A Chedzoy        4  29    5                    10    48
  R Palmer         4  12                         10    26
  D Perkins      -10  20                         10    20
  A Chatap         5  10                         10    25
  B Clarke         0  12                         10    22
  V Chikkodi      10                             10    20
  J Vaile          7                             10    17
  N Windley        4                             10    14
  D Manley         4                             10    14
  D Jones          2                             10    12

Man of Match - G Jones

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