Match vs 404s, Blackweir

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Cardiff Northern looked to bounce back from double cup heartbreak against the 404s.
Going into the game have lost two cup matches in succession Northern were keen to get their season back on track against a 404s side who had been equally unsuccessful in the cup games.

Batting first with Jimmy Vaile once again late Steve Norman and Russell Palmer opened the innings and they both started cautiously. Palmer (1) was run out in the third over and, in his first game of the season, Charles Brain was caught for a duck. Ashish Chatap hit a couple of boundaries but he departed for 8 and Norman fell for 11. Northern found themselves on a perilous 26-4 from 8 overs when Jimmy and Ashley Chedzoy came to the crease. An over worth 12 on the first change followed by one for 11 showed that they meant business.

With the score steadily rising they both kept up a similar scoring rate as Northern moved past the second and third batting points and sixth bowler Bowen went for 26 from two overs including being taken apart by Jimmy with 13 in the last 3 balls. This took Vaile to 42 with Ashley on 32 as Northern passed 100 for the first time this season ending on 103.

Missing this seasons standout bowler, Gareth Jones, Ashish opened the bowling and started well alongside Ashley and when the third over resulted in a wicket maiden only 5 runs were on the board. Russell came on first change and leaked a couple of boundaries and then Dan Perkins’ first two balls were slogged by Moorings for consecutive sixes. The game was beginning to slip away from Northern and it became clear that the burgeoning partnership needed to be broken if Northern were to stand a chance of victory.

The games dramatic moment came when Chedzoy returned to bowl and as Mooring drove to mid on Ashish misfielded on the boundary encouraging the second run. A fast throw followed by a leaping catch from the bowler and the bails were off. Northern were back in the game. Charles and returning Northern legend Lewis Foley were tasked with bowling some key late overs from 14 onwards with 30 required for victory with wickets in hand. A wicket maiden from Brain, getting Thomas LBW for 34, was followed by an over for 4 from Foley. The run rate climbing to a more imposing target of 9 an over Charles was slogged for 6 but also took another wicket in an over that cost exactly the required 9.

Foley bowled the 18th and again kept it tight only let down by a few wides and when Steve Norman took a catch on the boundary on the one ball that was connected with Northern were in the box seat. Russell Palmer had the task of bowling the last over for less than 13 but 404s made it interesting with a straight six over his head off the first ball. He recovered strongly with a dot, 2, wicket combination and then when the final player to pad up came on he was unable to connect and 404s feel short by 5 runs.

Certainly the most exciting game Northern have been involved in so far this season.

  S Norman       Bowled        Moorings    11
  R Palmer       Run Out                    1
  C Brain        Caught        Griffiths    0
  A Chatap       Caught        Griffiths    8
  J Vaile        Not Out                   42
  A Chedzoy      Not Out                   32
  D Jones  
  L Foley  
  N Windley 
  D Perkins 
  D Manley  
  Extras                                   10
  Total                                   103-4

                     O   M   R   W
        G Griffiths  4   0  14   2
        C Moorings   4   0  12   1
        K Thomas     1   0  12   0
        S Bremner    3   0  20   0
        N Chabria    4   0  19   0
        D Bowen      2   0  26   0

  J Cousins      Ct (Palmer)   Chatap       2
  C Moorings     R/O (Chatap/Chedzoy)      25
  K Thomas       LBW           Brain       34
  N Chabria      Bowled        Brain        3
  M Jones        Bowled        Palmer      11
  A Russell      Ct (Norman)   Foley        7
  S Bremner      Not Out                    0
  D Bowen        Not Out                    0
  G Griffiths
  M Rapson
  G Williams
  Extras                                   16
  Total                                    98-6
                    O   M   R   W
        A Chatap    4   1  10   1
        A Chedzoy   4   0  19   0
        R Palmer    3   0  26   1
        D Perkins   1   0  16   0
        C Brain     4   1  18   2
        L Foley     2   0   8   1

                 bat bowl catch runout stumping play TOTAL
  A Chedzoy       47  12          5              10    74
  J Vaile         57                             10    67
  A Chatap         8  34          5              10    57
  C Brain         -5  27                         10    32
  S Norman        16        5                    10    31
  L Foley             16                         10    26
  R Palmer         1   5    5                    10    21
  D Manley                                       10    10
  D Jones                                        10    10
  N Windley                                      10    10
  D Perkins          -10                         10     0

Man of Match - A Chedzoy

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