Match vs Cardiff Tigers, Blackweir

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Cardiff Northern went down in a close game on the first game of the season.

Cardiff Northern started the first game of the season with a good but not full strength side out against League newcomers Cardiff Tigers. Due to a last minute drop out of Ben Horlock injured wicket keeper David Manley had to come back in.

Wannabe superstar batsman Barrie Willacott was given a chance to open and although he and newcomer Steve Norman started well enough Baz was run out for 3 care of a shocking call from his partner.

Norman and Palmer were both bowled for 3 and 4 and while Gareth Jones looked in good nick he soon followed playing on for 4. Ashish Chatap was attacking the bowling and scoring some good runs and the extras count was climbing. Captain Ashley Chedzoy in his first match as club captain started well as he and Ashish kept the rotating the strike and when Ashley fell for 8 they were all singles. Dan Jones continued with the single scoring but when Ashish fell for 30 the lower order didn’t prosper. The opening bowlers were back on and later comer Jimmy Vaile in at 8 picked up a duck as did Martin Britton with Neil Thomas picking up just a single in between.

David Manley came in at 11 and while unable to run freely managed to play a nice late cut for four before Dan Jones was bowled off the first ball of the last over with the score on 92.

Northern opened with Gareth Jones who took a wicket in the first over and Northern began to build some pressure. The was an element of rustiness to the bowling meaning there were more poor balls than normal but it was only after Gareth and Russell had picked up further wickets that Ainto did the damage with a few high scoring overs off Chedzoy, Chatap and Thomas. The key moment was Thomas putting down a skied shot from Ainto and by the time Ashley finally broke the partnership, as Dave picked up a regulation nick, it was too late. The middle order fell cheaply to Chedzoy (Caught Vaile) and Palmer (Bowled) but Ainto hit the winning runs in the 16th over to finish unbeaten on 38.

Overall a game than Northern will look back on and think that perhaps they should have done more. 15-20 more runs on the board and holding that key catch would probably have been all they needed to win.

  S Norman       Bowled        Kaiyum       3
  B Willacott    Run Out       Vibe         2
  R Palmer       Bowled        Hamza        4
  A Chatap       Bowled        Iqbal       30
  G Jones        Bowled        Hamza        4
  A Chedzoy      Bowled        Iqbal        8
  D Jones        Bowled        Ainto        4
  J Vaile        Caught        Vibe         0
  N Thomas       Bowled        Ainto        1
  M Britton      Bowled        Ainto        0
  D Manley       Not Out                    4
  Extras                                   29
  Total                                    92 All Out

                     O   M   R   W
        Vibe         4   0  14   1
        Ainto        3.1 1   5   3
        Iqbal        2   0   9   2
        Hamza        3   0  19   1
        Kaiyum       4   0  26   1
        Vipul        1   0   8   0

  Babbler        Bowled        Jones        1
  Saajan         Bowled        Jones       11
  Abdul          Ct (Manley)   Chedzoy     19
  Tamil          LBW           Palmer       5
  Ainto          Not Out                   38
  Taj            Ct (Vaile)    Chedzoy      2
  Vibe           Not Out                    2
  Iqbal          Bowled        Palmer       3
  Extras                                   14
  Total                                    93-6
                    O   M   R   W
        G Jones     4   0  15   2
        R Palmer    4   0  22   2
        A Chedzoy   4   0  25   2
        A Chatap    3.2 0  22   0
        N Thomas    1   0   8   0

                 bat bowl catch runout stumping play TOTAL
  A Chatap        45  -5                         10    50
  G Jones          4  32                         10    46
  R Palmer         4  20                         10    34
  A Chedzoy        8  15                         10    33
  D Manley         4         5                   10    19
  D Jones          4                             10    14
  S Norman         3                             10    13
  B Willacott      2                             10    12
  J Vaile         -5         5                   10    10
  N Thomas         1   0                         10    11
  M Britton       -5                             10     5

Man of Match - A Chatap

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