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This season Cardiff Northern will wear shirts sponsored by Q3 Solutions. Pictures of the shirts will be provided shortly. All players will be required to pay a nominal £10 contribution to the cost of their own shirt to the T Shirt printing online company.

10 Responses to “New sponsor”

  1. Baz Says:

    How come no one asked me for my size???

  2. Dave Says:

    No-one’s been asked. We’ll have a selection and see how best to share them out.

  3. Ashish Says:

    That’s Gr8 Dave…..

  4. Baz Says:

    Good idea. Though not as good as asking everyone for their size so everyone gets a top that fits!

  5. Martin britton Says:

    Dont worry Baz, we ordered a number of XL and XXL.

  6. russell palmer Says:

    If it dont fit Baz i can order you a xxxl instead, otherwise ill nip down Go outdoors for a white tent for you.

  7. Ashish Says:

    For me one Medium size please…..

  8. Grangetown Allstars CC Says:

    Would you guys be interested In a friendly game this Sunday?? 5pm start fitzalan high school??

  9. Dave Says:

    I’m in London doing the marathon this weekend but I’ll make sure Ash is aware. I wouldn’t expect it to be a yes though but maybe another day might be doable

  10. Grangetown Allstars CC Says:

    Cool that’s no problem, if you cant get a team by Sunday we’ll just change it to another day.

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