End of Season Event

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We have a proposal of 3 dates so far that would hopefully mean that we can get it in before Snowy buggers off to the wrong side of the world. The dates are 7th, 8th and 9th of September and the initial proposal unless anyone suggests otherwise might be to go back to the comedy club after meeting in a Cardiff Bay pub beforehand

Can you all please confirm below any dates you can/can’t do and if you have objections or alternatives to the comedy club idea please make it known.

6 Responses to “End of Season Event”

  1. Rhodri Morgan Says:

    I can’t do 7th, but the other 2 are fine with me!

  2. Jarryd wilkins Says:

    I find this funny because the 7th I board the plane the 8th I will be in the air and land in Australia on the 9th lmao

  3. Dave Says:

    seems like I got my days wrong and snowy will already be gone so we may end up pushing this back later.

  4. Barrie Says:

    Comedy night again….Thurs 9th? £9 a ticket. Any takers????

  5. Dave Says:

    thinking if snowy’s missing it anyway then we may as well put it on hold.

    early october perhaps. Pick a date, get it out to everyone and we’ll get it done. now is a bit short notice to sort trophies

  6. Ashish Says:

    Hi Dave
    When U r planning to do end of season event…if u can do it before December then its gr8 Bcoz in first week of December I’m going to India for 2 month.
    Cheers mate

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