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The Cardiff Northern web site is designed for players and supporters to be able to provide comments and have banter, discussions and so on following matches but other than to tell me I’ve got fantasy points wrong no-one ever does. I’ve debated facebook integration or something like it but only a few players use that. Does anyone have any ideas of how we should be doing this sort of thing and what would be most used?

Cardiff Northern is also now on twitter –

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  1. Charles Says:

    The current format seems to work well. If team mates want to post other stuff which does not relate directly to a game is it possible to have a box on the front screen headed “Chat”, or something else, which can be accessed similar to this page?
    I would only add this option if players are going to use it as I don’t want to create any more work for you.
    Cheers Dave

  2. Martin Britton Says:

    There has been banter after a number of games. Maybe there isn’t a requirement for it though, Dave. After all, maybe speaking to you once a week at the match is enough for everyone 🙂

  3. Dave Says:

    thank you Martin. And don’t forget a duck today (if it brightens up) should clinch the cup.

    That said if Russ and/or Jimmy get one and you avoid one it becomes interesting.

  4. russ Says:

    I can understand Martin not wanting any banter as this duck cup banter is getting to much for him,perhaps me and Jim should sit out the last game so Martin clinches it.

  5. Dave Says:

    He’s already won it as he’ll win on duck average due to less innings.

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