Match vs Haddocks, Pontcanna

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Northern found themselves at risk of slipping into the relegation positions in a must win game against Haddocks. With Neil Thomas being stuck in traffic with Ashish Chatap and Jarryd Wilkins in tow it was fortunate that Northern won the toss and were able to bat first.

Chris Baker and Jimmy Vaile opened the batting and started off steadily before Jimmy was caught for 4. With Snowy only just arriving Carl Manley, playing his first game in a year, was sent in at 3 and started strongly hitting a 4 and a baseball slog 6 over mid off. This change of pace prompted Chris to open up and he hit 3 consecutive fours, 2 of which just failed to carry the rope. A couple of very expensive overs brought up 50 runs but when Carl was caught on 19 the runs stopped. Snowy in at 4 was struggling with the very slow pitch and bowling and was out for just one.

The first change bowler came on and his first ball was chipped straight to a fielder by Chris and Northern found their hopes of a good score in the balance. Ashish started well but when Ashley Chedzoy, captaining for the day, was bowled to a very slow ball that rolled under his bat things looked bleak. Some big shots from Ashish tipped the balance again and when he was run out in the 17th over on 30 Northern’s hopes looked far better.

Dave Manley (3NO) and Dan Perkins (4NO) rotated the strike with singles in the last over including a cheeky reverse sweep off the last ball off the innings as the score reached 106.

The score was almost certainly above par on such a slow pitch but Haddocks started well enough although some good close fielding meant their required run rate kept rising. Ashley picked up an LBW and a second wicket care of a tumbling catch from Jimmy. Ashish followed this up with a generous LBW before bowling another and suddenly Haddocks were looking out of it. Brett Clarke and Perkins came on to bowl and Perkins found the edge in his first over and Dave took the safe catch behind. The game was up when Baker had a direct hit run out and as the overs ticked over Dave and Snowy combined twice for run outs, Perkins picked up a second wicket causing a batsmen to play on and Haddocks were all out for 68 when Neil Thomas came on to bowl the 17th over and he picked up three dots before the fourth ball was chipped to Jimmy at square leg.

A good performance from Northern with some attacking fields set by stand in captain Ashley who’s record with the armband now reads 2 games, 2 wins.

  C Baker        Caught        Williams    29
  J Vaile        Caught        Preece       4
  C Manley       Caught        Preece      19
  J Wilkins      Caught        Preece       1
  A Chedzoy      Bowled        Jenkins      3
  A Chatap       Run Out                   30
  M Britton      Bowled        Williams     1
  D Perkins      Not Out                    4
  D Manley       Not Out                    3
  N Thomas
  B Clarke
  Extras                                   14
  Total                                   106-7

                     O   M   R   W
        I Khan       5   0  27   0
        N Preece     5   0  28   3
        G Williams   4   0  18   2
        I Jenkins    4   0  27   1

  Musgrave       LBW           Chedzoy      8
  I Khan         Ct (Vaile)    Chedzoy      9
  T Harris       Run Out                   28
  M Workman      LBW           Chatap       0
  D Cynan        Bowled        Chatap       2
  G Cynan        Ct (D.Manley) Perkins      1
  N Preece       Run Out                    2
  D Walker       Bowled        Perkins      1
  J Martin       Run Out                    3
  I Jenkins      Run Out                    1
  G Williams     Ct (Vaile)    Thomas       1
  Extras                                   12
  Total                                    68 All Out
                    O   M   R   W
        A Chatap    5   0  14   2
        A Chedzoy   4   0  20   2
        D Perkins   3   0  10   2
        B Clarke    2   0  13   0
        J Wilkins   2   0   8   0
        N Thomas    0.4 0   0   1

                 bat bowl catch runout stumping play TOTAL
  A Chatap        45  50                         10   105
  C Baker         44              10             10    64
  A Chedzoy        3  32                         10    45
  D Perkins        4  29                         10    43
  C Manley        24                             10    34
  D Manley         3         5    10             10    28
  J Wilkins        1   6          10             10    27
  J Vaile          4        10                   10    24
  N Thomas            14                         10    24
  M Britton        1                             10    11
  B Clarke             0                         10    10

Man of Match - A Chatap

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