Snowy leaving drinks

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Jarryd would like to invite everyone out on Saturday night for his last weekend in the country. Hopefully he’ll provide details shortly.

Match Postponed

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Although today is quite nice heavy rain on the weekend and yesterday has made our pitches unplayable so tonight’s game is off. Please read and respond to the entry on the end of season do.

End of Season Event

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We have a proposal of 3 dates so far that would hopefully mean that we can get it in before Snowy buggers off to the wrong side of the world. The dates are 7th, 8th and 9th of September and the initial proposal unless anyone suggests otherwise might be to go back to the comedy club after meeting in a Cardiff Bay pub beforehand

Can you all please confirm below any dates you can/can’t do and if you have objections or alternatives to the comedy club idea please make it known.

Tonight’s games are off

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Just as it brightened up our games have been called off. Last game of the season next week.

End of Season Do

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Any volunteers to take on the job of organising this? Dan Jones or Baz normally take it on but if anyone else wants to get involved then feel free to put your hat into the ring. It’ll be nice to get it done sooner rather than later before Snowy returns to sunnier climes, Barrie gets sacked and Ashley gets himself arrested.

Comments and stuff

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The Cardiff Northern web site is designed for players and supporters to be able to provide comments and have banter, discussions and so on following matches but other than to tell me I’ve got fantasy points wrong no-one ever does. I’ve debated facebook integration or something like it but only a few players use that. Does anyone have any ideas of how we should be doing this sort of thing and what would be most used?

Cardiff Northern is also now on twitter –

Almost there

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Two games left to play in the season and Northern have 2 games against opposition they should be able to challenge. We take on Suburbian who we had an exceptional start against early this season before weather intervened and also Scimitar Cavaliers who we fielded poorly against but still racked up maximum batting points in a losing reply. Two good results could see Northern move into the top half of the league, two defeats and relegation could still be on the cards. Hopefully the league will update the tables before the next game so we know for sure as there are currently 3 games unaccounted for (1 win, 2 losses for us).

Ashley leads the fantasy league points by 82 points over Ashish but the lead was almost 200 until the last two games. Ashley has had the most MoM awards with 4 but Ben has had 3 and Snowy the same (if you count the 40 over friendly). Ashley needs 2 catches to beat the total catches record but the ball has been avoiding him recently. Ashish leads the bowling with 18 wicket to Ashley’s 17 but their bowling averages are almost the same at just over 16.

Snowy is 50 ahead of Ashley in the batting although both Ben and Gaz have a higher average.

Finally in the most important competition of all Martin is one duck ahead of both Russell and Jimmy but with them all on similar number of innings a duck for Jimmy or Russ in the next game could make things very interesting.

Match vs Haddocks, Pontcanna

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Match vs Cardiff Asians, Llandaff

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Match vs Duke of Clarence, Pontcanna

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