Match vs Highwayman & Taverners, Pontcanna

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Following a poor game against GFC Northern were back in action against Highwaymen & Taverners. The game was touch and go at the start with some light drizzle falling in the car park but it would soon brighten up and actually prove quite warm.  Jimmy Vaile lost the toss, as per usual, and we were put into the field.

However unlike the two previous games Northern seemed far more up for it and Ashley Chedzoy taking a wicket in the first over only helped the mood.  A few tight overs from Ashley and Ashish Chatap including consecutive maiden overs really turned the screw.  The H&T #3 was starting to compile an innings but a suicidal run against the arm of Chatap proved costly as Dave Manley took the ball and off came the bails.

Good spells from Dan Perkins and Brett Clarke brought a wicket apiece care of catches from Manley and Barrie Willacott and it was only a late flourish in the last few overs that dragged the Taverners up to a decent score of 86.

Jarryd Wilkins and Chris Baker opened the batting and started promisingly getting Northern well above the run rate with a boundary every over until Baker got caught for 13.  When the change spin bowler came on Snowy crashed him for consecutive boundaries off his first two balls before getting caught for 23 and it was then Northern started to look nervy.  Ashish had faced a few overs for 1 run before being LBW and Jimmy and Ashley both struggle to get going against the spinners.

With the run rate hovering at 4 an over after 14 Ashley took the initiative with a double figures over before getting caught off the last ball of that over but Russell came in and thanks to a misfield the scores were level and and a leg bye clinched the win with 2 overs in hand.

Highwaymen and Taverners become the first time this season that Northern do the double over and we look forward to the next game against rivals the Duke of Clarence who we’ve had a win and a loss against already this season.  Ashley picked up man of the match honours thanks to his top scoring 24 and a good spell of bowling.

  W Baker        Bowled        Chedzoy      1
  M Presi        Bowled        Chatap       4
  L Rundence     R/O (Chatap/Manley)       24
  L Moore        Ct (Wil'cott) Clarke       2
  N Viner        Ct (Manley)   Perkins      5
  L Williams     Not Out                   14
  S Johns        Not Out                   20
  Extras                                   16
  Total                                    86-5
                    O   M   R   W
        A Chatap    5   1  20   1
        A Chedzoy   4   1  16   1
        D Perkins   3   0  17   1
        B Clarke    2   0   6   1
        C Baker     2   0  10   0
        R Palmer    2   0  13   0

  J Wilkins      Caught        Williams    23
  C Baker        Caught        Mitchell    13
  A Chatap       LBW           Williams     1
  J Vaile        Not Out                   12
  A Chedzoy      Caught        Viner       24
  R Palmer       Not Out                    3
  B Willacott
  M Britton
  D Perkins
  D Manley
  B Clarke
  Extras                                   11
  Total                                    87-4

                     O   M   R   W
        Mitchell     3   0  19   1
        Williams     5   0  22   2
        Viner        5   1  27   1
        Belly        3   0  15   0
        Moore        0.3 0   2   0

                 bat bowl catch runout stumping play TOTAL
  A Chedzoy      29    22                        10    61
  A Chatap        1    25          5             10    41
  J Wilkins      28                              10    38
  C Baker        18     6                        10    34
  B Clarke             22                        10    32
  J Vaile        17                              10    27
  D Perkins            10                        10    20
  D Manley                  5      5             10    20
  B Willacott               5                    10    15
  R Palmer        3     0                        10    13
  M Britton                                      10    10

Man of Match - A Chedzoy

2 Responses to “Match vs Highwayman & Taverners, Pontcanna”

  1. Ash Chedz Says:

    Dave, I only bowled 4 overs mate? I dont know whether that makes a difference! I think they got me mixed up with A Chatap, as he bowled 5 overs! So I think my last over in the book need to go to Ashish

  2. Dave Says:

    fixed it – just a typo from me

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