Match vs Haddocks, Pontcanna

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After going down to Cardiff Asians Northern took on a team at the same end of the table as themselves.

Being put into bat on what was probably the flattest and hardest outfield Pontcanna have ever served up Northern knew a decent score would be required.  In form Jarryd Wilkins opened the batting with Ben Horlock and the two raced along in the early overs before Ben lobbed a straightforward catch to mid on and although Charles Brain came in looking confident Snowy’s quickfire 20 ended as a carbon copy of Ben’s dismissal.

This brought Vaile in to bat following his confidence boosting 14 earlier in the week and he rotated the strike well allowing Brain to play his shots as the runs kept coming.  Then looking to put a full toss into Sophia Gardens Charles picked out mid off and his swashbuckling 22 came to a close.  Ashley Chedzoy came and went for 6 and Ashish Chatap edged behind for a single exposing Northern’s lengthy tail.

Dan Jones however had other ideas and with Jimmy starting to attack too and some excellent running they both started to build the highest partnership of the innings and when the final batting point looked doubtful with 2 overs remaining a few more boundaries and a last over of 14 placed Northern on a handy 131.  Jimmy was run-out off the last ball for 34 and Dan a career best 16NO.

Northern had every reason to believe enough runs were on the board given Haddocks previous matches but Walker and Musgrove started well and Horlock’s first over was expensive but he pulled one out of the bag when Jimmy held a catch off the last ball when 13 runs had come off the previous 5.

Clarke came on and bowled 2 mixed overs but took another and at the other end Chatap took two wickets, one ball clipping the very top of the off bail and the other a plumb LBW decision.  Perkins replaced Chatap and bowled his best spell in a while taking 2 wickets for 12 off 4 overs and Brain’s two over spell took 2 wickets and was only spoiled by a big six over his head.  Only one more wicket for maximum points was required with 2 overs to go but it just wouldn’t come as Workman and Preece dug in and after Snowy took some stick in the penultimate over going for 13 it was Ashley who shattered the stumps with 3 balls to go as Haddocks tried to get themselves another batting point.  All out for 93 and 38 runs short of Northern’s total.

An excellent performance and our first 20 pointer in a good while and it was good to see the full bowling arsenal get a chance to bowl.

  J Wilkins      Caught        Owen        20
  B Horlock      Caught        Owen         4
  C Brain        Caught        Owen        22
  J Vaile        Run Out                   34
  A Chedzoy      Caught        Owen         6
  A Chatap       Caught        Jenkins      1
  D Jones        Not Out                   16
  M Britton
  D Perkins
  D Manley
  B Clarke
  Extras                                   28
  Total                                   131-6

                     O   M   R   W
        I Khan       5   0  36   0
        H Owen       5   0  27   4
        N Preece     4   0  22   0
        I Jenkins    3   0  23   1
          Workman    1   0  14   0

  Walker         Ct (Vaile)    Horlock      9
  Musgrove       Bowled        Chatap      19
  Martin         LBW           Chatap       0
  Harris         Bowled        Clarke       4
  Workman        Not Out                   18
  Williams       Ct (Vaile)    Brain        4
  Khan           Bowled        Brain       13
  Jenkins        Bowled        Perkins      0
  Owen           Ct (Wilkins)  Perkins      0
  Preece         Bowled        Chedzoy      9

  Extras                                   17
  Total                                    93 All Out

                    O   M   R   W
        A Chatap    4   1  14   2
        B Horlock   2   0  15   1
        B Clarke    2   0  14   1
        D Perkins   4   0  12   2
        C Brain     2   0  13   2
        A Chedzoy   2.3 0   8   1
        J Wilkins   1   0  13   0

                 bat bowl catch runout stumping play TOTAL
  J Vaile        49        10                    10    69
  D Perkins            44                        10    54
  C Brain        27    15                        10    52
  A Chatap        1    27                        10    38
  J Wilkins      25    -5   5                    10    35
  A Chedzoy       6    17                        10    33
  D Jones        21                              10    31
  B Horlock       4    10                        10    24
  B Clarke             10                        10    20
  M Britton                                      10    10
  D Manley                                       10    10

Man of Match - J Vaile

3 Responses to “Match vs Haddocks, Pontcanna”

  1. Ashish Says:

    Hey Dave my bowling point should more than 17…. 20 for 2 wickets and 4*3 for going below 5 RPO so it must b 32 point…

    Overall good game guys……well done

  2. Dave Says:

    I’ll fix it. Should be 27, I forgot a wicket, you forgot -5 for the 6

  3. Ashish Says:

    That’s fine mate

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