Match vs Duke of Clarence, Pontcanna

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Northern were back in action against Duke of Clarence following defeat to them in the cup last week.

Following the success on Sunday Northern went into this game hoping to turn the tables on Duke of Clarence following their comprehensive defeat last week. Ashish Chatap, Dan Jones and Jason Gibson came in to the side that played last Wednesday.

Ashish, making his debut in a competitive match, was entrusted with the new ball in the absence of Gareth Jones and immediately came up trumps. His first ball turned sharply to worry the batsmen and his third ball was skied high into the air with David Manley taking a catch to remove the dangerous Kyle Offer for a duck – 46 runs less than he scored the previous week. Chatap’s second over was equally impressive as he clean bowled his victims off his 5th and 6th balls.

Ashley Chedzoy completed a two over spell before Ben Horlock came on and used his variation of pace to keep the batsmen on their toes. Ashish took his 4th wicket and was unlucky not to get the 5th but it didn’t stop him finishing with the excellent figures of 4-12 off 5 overs. Jimmy Vaile took a safe catch off Palmer, Chedzoy an outstanding one handed effort off Horlock and the Duke of Clarence were struggling badly. Gibson replaced Horlock and was immediately effective, his sharp turn bowling Patel before the remaining dangerman Morse (38) top edged over the keeper only to find the safe hands of Russell Palmer at fly slip.

Charles Brain took the 17th over and after frustrating the batsman for 2 deliveries picked up a plumb LBW decision before finishing in the innings with a direct hit run out from the last ball of the 17th to leave Northern with a target of 79 for victory.

Ben and Jason were given opening bat duties and Ben started well but Jason was bowled for 0. Charles Brain went in and he and Ben started making inroads into the total, Ben scoring some fantastic boundaries.

The tide turned when Charles was caught on 8 and then Vaile fell for 0. Ben kept the runs coming but Ashley (1) skied one into a safe pair of hands and Russell hung around for several balls but was bowled for 0. When Ben was bowled for 33 and Northern were still 15 or so runs short with 3 wickets remaining things looked bleak but the man of the moment Ashish made certain of Man of the Match honours as his composed 16 alongside the equally important 3 of Dan Jones guided Northern home with 2 overs to spare. Ashish’s boundary off the last ball was particularly key as it made sure Northern passed 80 and meant an extra batting point than would have been gained had they got to 79 with a single.

  K Offer        Ct (Manley)   Chatap       0
  A Offer        Bowled        Chatap       6
  N Morse        Ct (Palmer)   Gibson      38
  K Harmer       Bowled        Chatap       0
  T Griffiths    Bowled        Chatap       0
  A Hughes       Ct (Vaile)    Palmer      11
  Y Elias        Ct (Chedzoy)  Horlock      0
  K Patel        Bowled        Gibson       9
  Y Mepani       LBW           Brain        0
  R Yitolo       R/O (Brain)                0
  P Mann         Not Out                    0
  Extras                                   11
  Total                                    78-10

                    O   M   R   W
        A Chatap    5   0  12   4
        A Chedzoy   2   0  11   0
        B Horlock   4   0  19   1
        R Palmer    3   0  24   1
        J Gibson    2   0   7   2
        C Brain     1   0   3   1

  B Horlock      Bowled        K Offer     33
  J Gibson       Bowled        Mapani       0
  C Brain        Caught        Patel        8
  J Vaile        Caught        Patel        0
  A Chedzoy      Caught        K Offer      1
  R Palmer       Bowled        K Offer      0
  A Chatap       Not Out                   16
  B Willacott    Bowled        Mapani       0
  D Jones        Not Out                    3
  D Manley
  B Clarke
  Extras                                   21
  Total                                   82-7

                     O   M   R   W
        Mepani       4   0  23   2
        Patel        5   0  23   2
        K Offer      5   0  14   3
        Mann         1   0   4   0
        Elias        1   0   9   0

                 bat bowl catch runout stumping play TOTAL
  A Chatap        21   70                        10   101
  B Horlock       48   22                        10    80
  C Brain          8   16         10             10    44
  J Gibson        -5   26                        10    31
  R Palmer        -5   10     5                  10    20
  A Chedzoy        1    0     5                  10    16
  D Manley                    5                  10    15
  D Jones          3                             10    13
  J Vaile         -5          5                  10    10
  B Clarke                                       10    10
  B Willacott     -5                             10     5

  N Thomas                                       10    10

Man of Match - A Chatap

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  1. Uday Thosar Says:

    Well played Ashish. Keep it up bro.

  2. Jeetesh Says:

    ashish..well played ..keep rocking man…!!

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