Friendly Match vs Barry Wanderers, Sully Hospital

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Northern made their 40 over debut against Barry Wanderers. Report now included. A Northern side lined up to take on their first game of 40 over cricket in a game organised by Ashley.

Eventually everyone managed to find the ground although batting was well under way when Dan Perkins rolled up having covered half of Sully looking for the place. The ground was quite small but the bowl shape meant that the distances weren’t quite as short as they might first appear.

Ben Horlock and Gareth Jones opened up and Jones fell to Fenton in the third over for 2. This brought Aussie new-boy Jarryd Wilkins to the crease along side his house mate and Northern set about establishing a partnership as Ben raced along with a flurry of boundaries before a leading edge to a poor ball saw him safely caught in the 7th over (for 22). Alarm bells were ringing at this point about Northern’s ability to last through their allotted overs but Martin Britton got his head down and he and Jarryd managed to move the score along while using up the overs of the opening bowlers. Martin survived an LBW shout which he responded to with a boundary and it was the 13th over when Fenton again came up trumps as he bowled Martin with Jarryd safely past 20.

Ashish Chatap came in with time to demonstrate his batting ability for the first time this season and after playing himself in for a bit he started to open up with some good shots. Fenton and Hill were bowled straight through bringing in Burgin and Denning and after plundering another boundary from Denning Jarryd was unlucky to be adjudged LBW next ball – for 31 – perhaps a victim of the one that Martin got away with earlier in the day. Barrie Willacott was next in and he played a few good shots – Ashish fell in the 22nd over for 22 and Baz followed in the 27th for 15.

Ashley Chedzoy and Andy Gill were now at the crease and Ashley was solid while Andy Gill played some uncomplicated attacking shots and while he gave opportunities he was still scoring some good runs. Ashley eventually fell to Wade for 27 bringing in Dan Perkins who together with Andy kept the score going along before they fell in consecutive balls to Wade, Andy on 20, Dan on 13.

Northern’s final wicket partnership of David Manley and Brett Clarke with the score on 180 and 7 overs still to bat. Dave and Brett set about batting through until the end and after several wides and mistimed shots Dave launched Wade back over his head with a shot that fell just inside the rope and then Brett matched and beat that with consecutive fours off John. In the end Manley was bowled by Richards attempting a big shot after 38.1 overs but by this time the partnership had reached 23 and Northern had set a decent enough 203.

Following a quick lunch – a first for Northern, unless you count one of Barrie’s liquid lunches during an innings, Northern were out in the field. Barry had scored 240 the previous week so it was likely to be a decent contest.

Jones and Chedzoy were to open the bowling and when Gaz sent the first ball wide and then got clipped away for 4 from the first balls of the innings things looked ominous but then Ashley had Norman back in the hutch for one as Dave took a regulation catch behind.

Then came a poor couple of overs as Ben shelled a catch in the slips from Gaz before Manley grounded an edge behind and Britton dropped a high one from Ashley. Gaz soon made amends cleaning out the stumps of the dangerous looking Hill with a perfect inswinger before King followed two overs later caught behind by Manley although the referral system may have given him a reprieve.

After Ashley’s 6th over Horlock came in and the screw was tightened as Gaz’s two consecutive maidens to complete his spell and Ben took the wicket of the dangerous Fenton with a quicker ball in his second over. Burgin soon followed to Ben for 1 and Perkins started well bowling Reno in a wicket maiden second over.

This brought the dangerous Wolf in and he and Denning started to put on the highest partnership of the match as the pressure built on both Horlock and Perkins. Perkins’ last 2 overs went for 26, mostly wides and to Wolf, after only conceding 3 from the first 2 and Ben’s luck was out after he lost his rag after getting an LBW shout rejected and then being top edged over the keeper for the only 6 of the day.

Ashish came in and was immediately into the action as he finally removed the stubborn Denning for 29 before Jarydd came on to try applying some spin. He was immediately effective as Wolf found him unplayable and after 2 balls turned sharply he played all around the straight one and was bowled. In the same over John edged a four before he too was bowled. Richards came in at 11 and although he and Wade made a few as Clarke bowled a single over for 1 it wasn’t long before Jarydd finished the job with Richards bowled for 6. Barry were 165 all out with 8 overs left to play and Northern could savour victory in their first match in this format of the game

Scorecards and fantasy points are below but this match doesn’t count towards overall season stats.

  B Horlock      Caught        Fenton      22
  G Jones        Bowled        Fenton       2
  J Wilkins      LBW           Denning     31
  M Britton      Bowled        Fenton       7
  A Chatap       Caught        Denning     22
  B Willacott    Caught        Burgin      15
  A Chedzoy      Bowled        Wade        27
  A Gill         Caught        Wade        20
  D Perkins      Bowled        Wade        13
  D Manley       Bowled        Richards     5
  B Clarke       Not Out                    9
  Extras                                   30
  Total                                   203-10

                     O   M   R   W
        Fenton       8   1  32   3
        Hill         8   0  45   0
        Burgin       8   0  50   1
        Denning      5   0  21   2
        Wade         6   0  27   3
        Richards     2.1 0   7   1
        John         1   0   9   0

  S Norman       Ct (Manley)   Perkins      1
  G King         Ct (Manley)   Jones       18
  J Hill         Bowled        Jones       14
  L Denning      Bowled        Chatap      29
  A Fenton       Bowled        Horlock      8
  M Burgin       Bowled        Horlock      1
  R Eno          Bowled        Perkins      1
  P Wolf         Bowled        Wilkins     41
  C John         Bowled        Wilkins      5
  P Wade         Not Out                    4
  T Richards     Bowled        Wilkins      6
  Extras                                   37
  Total                                   165-10

                    O   M   R   W
        G Jones     8   2  26   2
        A Chedzoy   6   0  38   1
        B Horlock   7   0  41   2
        D Perkins   4   0  29   1
        A Chatap    3   0  10   1
        J Wilkins   2.4 0  13   3
        B Clarke    1   0   1   0


                 bat bowl catch runout stumping play TOTAL
  J Wilkins       46   38                        10    94
  A Chedzoy       42   10                        10    62
  A Chatap        27   19                        10    56
  G Jones          2   44                        10    56
  B Horlock       27   15                        10    52
  D Perkins       18   10                        10    38
  A Gill          25                             10    35
  B Willacott     20                             10    30
  D Manley         5        10                   10    25
  B Clarke         9    5                        10    24
  M Britton        7                             10    17

Man of Match - J Wilkins

7 Responses to “Friendly Match vs Barry Wanderers, Sully Hospital”

  1. Barrie Says:

    What a day. Good crack. Lets get another 40 over game on the cards.

  2. Dave Says:

    It was a good day but I wouldn’t want us to overdo it. Once or possibly twice a season is good fun but if we found ourselves against a good team with an understrength side it’d be no sort of fun.

  3. ash Says:

    Spot on Dave! If we come up against a strong side, we could get a hiding!

  4. Ash Chedz Says:

    Cracking report Dave…….love your humour!

  5. Dave Says:

    I wasn’t aware of trying to be funny. Thought the game deserved a longer report though.

  6. Martin Britton Says:

    Really good report Dave, very positive.

  7. ash Says:

    The humour with Perkins ect ect

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