Venue Change

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Our game on Thursday 1st July has been moved to Pontcanna.


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Hard to believe but the forecast for our game this Thursday is for rain. Yes, the wet stuff that stops us playing more often than not most summers.

Typically this apparent change in the weather has come at a time when we have a run of games against teams at the same end of the table as us. No doubt we’ll miss a few weeks and then it’ll be glorious when we have the next game against Grange All Stars.

Fingers crossed I’m just being negative and all will be well.

Cardiff Northern Robots

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Did you know the midweek cricket league is actually made up of robot teams controlled remotely by kids in Germany?

Club Records

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Seeing as how we have had unprecedented weather it’s worth looking at the club records and you’ll see just how many are possible targets. Read on. Read more…

Player awards update

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Looking at the stats you’ll see that we currently have 4 bowlers on 10 wickets each and all 4 have bowled a similar amount of overs and Ben only slightly more economical than the other 3.

It’s going to be a closely fought contest for bowler of the year this year and Snowy will be looking at making a charge through for the batting award but also Jimmy is starting to play himself in and Dan Jones scored a career best innings last night too.

Match vs Haddocks, Pontcanna

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After going down to Cardiff Asians Northern took on a team at the same end of the table as themselves.

Read more…

Match vs Cardiff Asians, Blackweir

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Northern looked to continue their good form against top of the table Cardiff Asians. Read more…

It’s tight at the top

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Fantasy scores are up to date and it’s incredibly tight at the top between Ashley and Horlock. That said I can see Ashish, Steve H and latest signing Jarryd who MoM’ed on Sunday all staking a claim for some big points before the end of the season.

With the lack of rain (touch wood) so far I can see a few players getting close to Steve H’s season record of 737. My money’s on “The Ego”.

Match vs Duke of Clarence, Pontcanna

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Northern were back in action against Duke of Clarence following defeat to them in the cup last week. Read more…

Friendly Match vs Barry Wanderers, Sully Hospital

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Northern made their 40 over debut against Barry Wanderers. Report now included. Read more…