Match vs GFC, Caedelyn

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Northern looked to bounce back against long time rivals GFC. Following a heavy loss the week before Northern returned to the scene of their previous victory this season and Captain Jimmy Vaile elected to bat first.  Northern started slowly but surely and without scoring quick runs Jimmy and Russell Palmer looked solid.  Then as the GFC opening bowler M Khan played himself into the game he bowled an unlucky Russell bringing Rhodri Morgan into bat.  Rhodri attacked immediately and got to 8 before being caught for 8 and Charles Brain soon followed caught trying to dispatch a slower delivery.

This brought in-form Ashley Chedzoy to the crease and he continued his excellent season moving along to 21 with some support from Adam Brewer (8) and Martin Britton 2*).

A score of 72 was always going top be tricky to defend but some good bowling from Dan Perkins and Ashley meant that none of the GFC top order managed big scores, Rhodri taking an excellent catch in the slips from Dan, Ashley bowling the number 2 and 3 before Charles provided Dan’s 2nd wicket catching batsman number 4.

The run rate was above what was required but some tight bowling from Ash and Russell caused some concern on the GFC sidelines and although the rate never went over 3 an over it consistently hovered there with an attacking Northern field and good bowling keeping things tight.  In the end with Ash finishing his spell M Khan attacked Charles’ bowling and made the game all but safe bringing up the tie off the last ball of the 17th over.  Russell had the improbable task and his first ball was a dot followed by Ash taking a high catch. 1 run off 4 needed and when Barrie fielding in close was unable to gather cleanly GFC scrambled through for the single safe in the knowledge that they had wickets in hand.

A good effort from Northern and another 20 runs would have made the game very interesting but the penalty was paid for not scoring fast enough during the first 12 overs.

  J Vaile        Bowled        N Clode      8
  R Palmer       Bowled        Khan         4
  R Morgan       Caught        Ford         8
  C Brain        Caught        S Clode      3
  A Chedzoy      Not Out                   21
  B Willacott    Caught        N Clode      1
  A Brewer       Caught        N Clode      8
  M Britton      Not Out                    2
  D Perkins
  D Manley
  B Clarke
  Extras                                   17
  Total                                    72-6

                     O   M   R   W
        M Khan       5   0  14   1
        B Ford       4   0  14   1
        S Clode      5   0  26   1
        N Clode      4   1  12   3

  S Gill         Ct (Morgan)   Perkins      5
  D Parsons      Bowled        Chedzoy     14
  S Walters      Bowled        Chedzoy     13
  P Cowley       Ct (Brain)    Perkins      6
  R Lewis        Not Out                    9
  B Ford         Bowled        Palmer       1
  M Khan         Ct (Chedzoy)  Palmer      14
  N Clode        Not Out                    0
  J Coombs
  N White
  S Clode
  Extras                                   11
  Total                                    73-6

                    O   M   R   W
        B Clarke    2   0  13   0
        D Perkins   5   0  25   2
        A Chedzoy   5   0  16   2
        R Palmer    3.3 0   8   2
        C Brain     2   0  11   0

                 bat bowl catch runout stumping play TOTAL
  A Chedzoy       26   35   5                    10    76
  D Perkins            35                        10    45
  R Palmer         4   27                        10    41
  R Morgan         8        5                    10    23
  J Vaile          8                             10    18
  A Brewer         8                             10    18
  C Brain          3    0   5                    10    18
  M Britton        2                             10    12
  B Willacott      1                             10    11
  D Manley                                       10    10
  B Clarke              0                        10    10

Man of Match - A Chedzoy

4 Responses to “Match vs GFC, Caedelyn”

  1. Ashish Says:

    congras !!!!!!!!! ash……….

  2. adam Says:

    well done boys . Great effort by everyone . Nice one ash grabbed the lime light again.

  3. ash Says:

    Thanks lads! But it was a team effort & I think if we’d of put on another 20 runs we would of had them on the racks!

  4. Martin Britton Says:

    Im sure they left the a zero of my score again

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