Match vs Highwayman & Taverners, Pontcanna

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Northern’s strongest side this season went up against tough opposition. Northern fielded its strongest side of the season on a sunny but windy day at Pontcanna. It was great to see the number of squad members turning up to support the side.

H&T’s opening strike-force bowled accurately and a good length not giving Northern’s top order much opportunity to score. Steve was out to a good ball which kept low and Russ followed shortly after top edging a pull shot. Ben looked solid at the crease and did not give away many chances. The run rate after 12 overs was low but with plenty of batting available Ben and Charles started to open up to give Northern a target to defend. Charles, after scoring 28, was stumped and Ben was bowled on 25. Ashley carried on his impressive batting performace and milked the poor H&T bowling to rack up a quick-fire 18 before being run out.

Gaz batted very well, including hitting a monster 6 back over the bowlers head and was bowled by the last ball of the innings. Baz did sterling work as a runner but did not face a ball! Northern had set an achievable target of 113.

H&T had a strong top order and started the innings positively. Steve was one of the opening bowlers and ended with the impressive figures of 2 wickets for 9 runs from his 4 overs. Unusually, Gaz, the other opening bowler, was hit around the ground and conceded 25 runs off his two overs. Stand-in captain Russ decided to best option was to take the pace off the ball and elected to bowl Ben who slowed the run rate. Northern were sharp in the field. Baz, fielding close to the bat cut off some well struck shots. Dan Perkins did some great work in the deep including a fine pick up and long accurate throw which led to the run out of Mitchell. Northern were in the ascendency with H&T’s target creeping to over 10 an over. However, H&T still had their quality opening batsman at the crease until Russ bowled him with a great ball that came in off the seam and hit the top of the off stump. Russ ended with 2 for 6 off 2 overs. At this stage the game was all but over for H&T but Northern continued to apply the pressure and Dave took his second stumping of the match.

It was a good all round team performance and great to get the first league win of the season.

  S Hood         Bowled        Mitchell     3
  R Palmer       Caught        Mitchell     3
  B Horlock      Bowled        Viner       25
  C Brain        Stumped       Rees        28
  A Chedzoy      Run Out                   18
  G Jones        Bowled        Mitchell    19
  B Willacott    Not Out                    0
  D Jones
  D Perkins      
  D Manley       
  B Clarke
  Extras                                   16
  Total                                   112-5

                     O   M   R   W
        Mitchell     5   1  20   3
        Viner        5   0  26   1
        Rees         3   0  16   1
        Williams     3   0  22   0
        Webb         2   0  28   0

  R Lawrence     Bowled        Palmer      20
  B Ahar         Bowled        Hood        27
  T Burns        Bowled        Horlock      1
  N Viner        Bowled        Hood         2
  E Williams     St (Manley)   Brain       16
  I Mitchell     R/O (Perkins/Manley)       9
  C Davies       St (Manley)   Palmer       3
  M Prist        Not Out                    0
  R Jones        Not Out                    1
  Extras                                    9
  Total                                    88-7

                    O   M   R   W
        G Jones     2   0  25   0
        S Hood      4   0   9   2
        B Horlock   5   0  22   1
        C Brain     3   0  15   1
        A Chedzoy   2   0   9   0
        R Palmer    2   0   6   2

                 bat bowl catch runout stumping play TOTAL
  B Horlock       40   25                        10    75
  C Brain         43   19                        10    72
  S Hood           3   44                        10    57
  R Palmer         3   32                        10    45
  A Chedzoy       23    6                        10    39
  D Manley                         5       20    10    35
  G Jones         24    0                        10    34
  D Perkins                        5             10    15
  B Willacott      0                             10    10
  D Jones                                        10    10
  B Clarke                                       10    10

  A Brewer                                       10    10
  J Vaile                                        10    10
  A Chatap                                       10    10
  A Gill                                         10    10

Man of Match - B Horlock

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  1. Russ Palmer Says:

    Great performance by everyone and a pleasure to captain.Please can we have the return of Martin & Adam to the team as im not liking being top of the duck list.

  2. Charles Says:

  3. Ashish Says:

    Nice written charles……..
    cheers guys……….

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