Friendly Match Arranged – next Sunday

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Ashley has arranged for us to play a friendly against Barry Wanderers next Sunday at 2pm. The game will take place in Sully, be 40 overs a side and food will be laid on afterwards. Contact Ash if you are available and want to play. Ashley has also indicated that it is possibly to bring along partners and kids if you wish. Might make a nice afternoon of it.

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  1. Ashish Says:

    Hi Ash….I’m available for Sunday and want to play….if there is place for me..then let me know…
    Cheers Ashish

  2. ash Says:

    Not a problem ashish, its a lovely little ground, based in the old sully hospital grounds. Let me know if you need a lift…..

  3. ash Says:

    Thank you as well Dave for updating so promptly! Cheers mate

  4. Barrie Says:

    I’ll play….I can sort lifts out for a few….more so so they can direct me there.

  5. Gazza Says:

    I will play if required. Gazza.

  6. Charles Says:

    I’m not available as I have a prior engagement. Well done for organising Ash and sounds like it will be a fun game. I believe Ben knows a couple of Aussie cricketers who may be avaiable.

  7. ash Says:

    I’ll catch up with everybody on Wednesday, but its looking good for a team boys! Gaz defo require your services mate! Plus steve norman said he’s still got your keepers gloves! So far I think we got 8 so far! With a few aussies ect ect I think we’ll be fine! Should be a good afternoon boys!

  8. Ashish Says:

    Hi ash….
    Thanks ash…I’m coming for Wednesday game see u there…

  9. Dave Says:

    Weather is rubbish today, then ok all week but the forecast for Sunday isn’t great so we’ll see how it pans out.

  10. Martin Britton Says:

    Count me in ash

  11. Ash Chedz Says:

    So Far we have:

    Ashley Chedzoy
    Dan Perkins
    Martin Britton
    Ben Horlock
    Bens 2 aussie mates
    Neil Thomas
    Gaz Jones
    Baz W

    So Im one short boys………. I know Dave is a possibility

  12. Dave Says:

    Didn’t Brett say he was available?

  13. Ash Chedz Says:

    These are the defos:

    Ashley Chedzoy
    Ben Horlock (2x Aussie mates??)
    Dan Perkins
    Brett Clarke
    Martin Britton
    Gaz Jones
    Barry W

    (Neil Thomas-If required)

    So I think we’ll be fine……

  14. Ashish Says:

    Hey ash, If Dave is not available then whose going to keep the wickets……..

  15. Barrie Says:

    Andy Gill is coming too. I’ll keep wicket for a few overs. Maybe we could share it out a bit. If the rain permits.

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