Match vs Grange All Stars, Blackweir

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A depleted Northern took on Grange All Stars – it was always going to be tough. Starting with only 9 players and missing some of their best players Northern were always going to be up against it in their match with the talented All Stars youngsters.

Brett opened the bowling and conceded a couple of boundaries before the opening batsman picked out Chris Baker on the boundary edge who held a safe catch. The number 2 and 3 batsmen started to attack the bowling and neither Brett, Dan Perkins or Chris could stem the flow of runs including some big sixes. A few catching chances were put down by Perkins, Jimmy Vaile and Martin Britton before Russell Palmer took a catch deep on the mid-on boundary. Ash Chedzoy started with a few loose deliveries before improving and Russell continued his economical bowling streak and took a wicket when David Manley caught behind. Baker took a second catch and Ash bowled a batsman clean but by the end an imposing 171 had been reached. Northern struggled in the field due to numbers and let their heads drop a bit but given the circumstances the effort wasn’t bad. Dave had a poor game behind the stumps letting too many byes go past and missing a sharp chance from a Perkins delivery.

Being down to 9 Northern effectively started batting at 0-2 and this became 0-3 from the first ball as Jimmy was bowled cleanly. It was harsh on Jimmy who after missing a couple of catches would have been looking to redeem himself but the delivery he got would have bowled most players in the league.

Russell quickly followed for another duck before the first runs came up courtesy of 5 penalty runs as the ball struck the helmet left behind the keeper. Brewer was another duck and suddenly Ash and Baker were thrown together with the total still in single figures. Baker batted well and between his scoring and a massive number of byes piling up (several going for four) Northern moved on towards the first batting point target of 40. Ash played second fiddle scoring 5 but Baker flayed the ball to all parts of the ground on his way to a decent score. Baker was bowled when the spinner Saheer came on, bringing Martin in who proceeded to wear deliveries on his backside and helmet before being out for a couple. Perkins scored 1 before being caught trying to clear the circle leaving Northern 1 run short of the third batting point total of 80. Manley (1NO) and Baker managed to safely move the score onto 91 before the latter fell last ball of the innings for an excellent 36.

Northern’s highest batting score of the season so far but rarely will they be given 45 runs in extras and so the top order are going to have to start scoring runs instead of relying on the middle and tail.

  Vandy          Ct (Baker)    Clarke       8
  A Hassan       Bowled        Chedzoy     43
  B Omar         Ct (Palmer)   Baker       61
  A Choudary     Ct (Manley)   Palmer       9
  O Aslam        Ct (Baker)    Chedzoy     15
  A Raheem       Not Out                   11
  Ali            Not Out                    7

  Extras                                   17
  Total                                   171-5

                    O   M   R   W
        B Clarke    2   0  22   1
        D Perkins   3   0  32   0
        C Baker     3   0  34   1
        A Chedzoy   5   0  43   2
        R Palmer    4   0  15   1
        A Brewer    1   0  10   0

  J Vaile        Bowled        Amais        0
  R Palmer       Bowled        Khan         0
  A Chedzoy      Bowled        Sameer       5
  A Brewer       Caught        Khan         0
  C Baker        Bowled        Ali         36
  M Britton      Caught        Ali          2
  D Perkins      Caught        Vanty        1
  D Manley       Not Out                    1
  B Clarke

  Extras                                   45
  Total                                    91-7

                     O   M   R   W
        Amais        5   0  23   1
        Khan         4   1  11   2
        Saheer       3   1  10   2
        Vanty        2   0  13   0
        Ali          3   0   6   2
        O Aslam      1   0   9   0

                 bat bowl catch runout stumping play TOTAL
  J Vaile        -10                             10     0
  R Palmer        -5   22   5                    10    32 
  A Chedzoy        5   15  10                    10    40 
  A Brewer        -5    0                        10     5 
  C Baker         51   -5                        10    56 
  M Britton        2                             10    12 
  D Perkins        1    0                        10    11
  D Manley         1        5                    10    16
  B Clarke             10                        10    20

Man of Match - C Baker

17 Responses to “Match vs Grange All Stars, Blackweir”

  1. Martin Britton Says:

    Think there is an error in the bowling figures. Vanty bowled two overs against me (and chris) (not sure if he bowled more) but didn’t take a wicket from us. He nearly took my head (and my ass) off, but no wicket.

  2. Dave Says:

    I agree – the book is filled in horribly badly. There are differences between the scorecards in both bowling figures and batting figures. There aren’t enough W’s in the bowling stats to account for the number of wickets taken and as for the first innings – the runs marked don’t remotely add up.

    Runs on the batting side don’t match the bowling and neither match the runs tally chart.

    Useless. And I wrote that on the scorecard going off to the league.

  3. ash Says:

    It was that little fat kid! I copied the bowling figures off of him, in a rush because everyone was getting bowled out! But I realised they didn’t make much sense when I was copying them!

  4. Martin Britton Says:

    Its all totally wrong, I scored at least 20.

  5. Martin Britton Says:

    and i didnt drop that catch !!

  6. ash Says:

    Yes you did Mart, you certainly didn’t catch it! Our fielding wasn’t great! We couldve had the one batsman who done most of the damage out on about 30! Catches win matches…….

  7. Raheem (cpt) Says:

    Don`t worry guys better luck next time, im sure even if martin made 40 it wouldn`t have made a difference, it was a good game and vandy only bowled 2overs 🙂
    ps very good website.

  8. Raheem (cpt) Says:

    also vandy didnt take a wicket it was sameer who got 2 wickets(spinner)in his 1st over and last over..

  9. Martin Britton Says:

    ok ok i did drop it, but it was in the last over, not as reported !!

  10. Dave Says:

    oh stop being picky. They’d be 10 pages long if everything was exactly in order.

    Raheem – thanks for the comments, your web site looks pretty good too and it’s good to see the fantasy cricket idea catching on. I’ve adjusted the scorecard.

    Good luck with the season and we’ll see you again in July.

  11. Dave Says:

    Just think Mart – we could have had matching team kit like them too.

  12. ash Says:

    Is it me or has he twigged!!!??? Lol

  13. ash Says:

    Good write up Dave! We need to start sharing the responsibility of scoring the book & match reports I think! Is there a training need?

  14. Martin Britton Says:

    I know, I will sort out the kit, If I get team sanction and contribution !!
    PS, I’m also happy to help with match reports.

  15. Ashish Says:

    For giving me chance play……….

  16. ash Says:

    You had a good game ashish! Once you got into the swing mate

  17. Ashish Says:

    Yes sir
    First i start with off spin but i’m not getting the grip that i want…then i went for swing with straight seem and cross seem and its works…..for me…

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