Cup Match vs Huntsman, Caedelyn

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Northern attempted to bounce back with a cup game against The Hunstman of Division 3.

Guest reporter – Mr C Brain.

A good win yesterday for Northern but we made a meal of it. We dropped their best batsman 4 times!

Northern had one of its strongest bowling attacks available. Dan Perkins bowled 4 good overs including an opening maiden. He also took a wicket with a neat catch by Charles Brain. The new streamlined Gareth Jones bowled with his usual tenacity and gave the batsmen problems conceding only 8 runs from 4. Ashley Chedzoy bowled a good line and with pace. He bowled a lovely ball which moved and hit the top of leg stump. Liam Palmer took an excellent diving catch in the deep and Ashley took another wicket from a rising ball which touched the gloves of the batsman which went through to Manley to take cleanly. Although going for 19 runs, due to Huntsmans best batsman playing across the line, Charles found good movement and finally bowled the aforementioned with an in-swinging yorker which hit leg stump. Brett Clarke bowled an over (1-7), as did stand-in captain Russell Palmer (0-1) . Steve Hood bowled tightly at the end of the innings and only went for 4 runs.

Our top order batsmen performed poorly again. Steve was caught on the first ball of our innings off a poor ball. Liam, who went in at 3 as he had to leave by 8:15pm, was bowled by a good ball for a duck. Russ ran himself out and Charles was bowled off my pads for 4. However, Northern were redeemed by the performance of Adam Brewer and Ashley who scored at c. 4.5 an over once the change of bowlers came on. Adam played with power and hit the ball cleanly when he connected. Ashley played himself in scoring singles in the first few overs and then played more expansively once his eye was in. Ash and Adam ran well between the wickets and put the game beyond the Huntsmans. Gaz came in and scored quickly scoring the winning runs with a lovely straight drive which went for 4.

Man of the match was Ash with 3 wickets, a catch and a solid ‘not out’ batting performance. Champagne moment was Liam’s one handed catch after running forward and diving low to his right.

  D Hunt         Ct (Brain)    Perkins      4
  M Barnett      Bowled        Chedzoy     10
  M Morgans      Ct (L.Palmer) Chedzoy     11
  J Richards     Ct (Manley)   Chedzoy      0
  J Trueman      Bowled        Brain        1
  J Adams        Ct (Chedzoy)  Brain       26
  J White        Ct (Hood)     Clarke       4
  N Trueman      Not Out                    2
  C Halliday     Not Out                    4
  D Kelland
  A Ewers
  Extras                                    9
  Total                                    70-7

                    O   M   R   W
        D Perkins   4   1  10   1
        G Jones     4   1   8   0
        A Chedzoy   3   0  17   3
        C Brain     3   0  19   2
        R Palmer    1   0   1   0
        S Hood      2   0   4   0
        B Clarke    1   0   7   1

  S Hood         Caught        White        0
  R Palmer       Run Out                    1
  L Palmer       Bowled        White        0
  C Brain        Bowled        White        4
  A Brewer       Bowled        J Trueman   17
  A Chedzoy      Not Out                   16
  G Jones        Not Out                   12
  A Gill
  D Perkins
  D Manley
  B Clarke
  Extras                                   21
  Total                                    71-5

                     O   M   R   W
        J White      5   0  14   3
        A Ewers      5   0  26   0
        J Trueman    3   0   9   1
        N Trueman    3   0  21   0

                 bat bowl catch runout stumping play TOTAL
  A Chedzoy       21   30   5                    10    66
  G Jones         17   24                        10    51
  D Perkins            34                        10    44
  C Brain          4   20   5                    10    39
  A Brewer        22                             10    32
  B Clarke             10                        10    20
  S Hood         -10   12   5                    10    17
  R Palmer         1    6                        10    17
  D Manley                  5                    10    15 
  A Gill                                         10    10
  L Palmer        -5        5                    10    10

Man of Match - A Chedzoy

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