Match vs Top Cats, Blackweir

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A poor batting performance lets Northern down but they make a fight of it. Northern’s team chopped and changed a little from new captain Vaile’s original selection.  Top Cat’s were short a full team but chose to field as they had players to arrive – and they were pretty much at full strength by the time the game started.

Brain started well rattling up 8 fairly quickly but when he was bowled Palmer and Horlock both were quickly following him, both for 0.  Chedzoy and Brewer managed to get off the mark but both also fell cheaply.  Jimmy was joined by Martin Britton and they both hung around for a couple of overs without troubling the scorers.   Martin fell chipping a return catch to the bowler and Barrie was lucky to be dropped when picking up a single before being bowled playing horribly across the line as is his norm.

Perkins got a couple before falling as did Manley, who at least played a few proper shots before holing out in the deep and while this was going on Jimmy had managed to get off the mark.  Clarke came in and whipped an excellent four off his legs before Jimmy edged behind and walked – Northern missing the bonus point on 39.

An almost impossible challenge awaited but some pacy bowling from Ben (3 wickets) and accurate stuff from Brett (1) and Charles (1) assisted by Ashley taking a catch and Dave with a direct hit run-out meant Top Cats were floundering on 16-6 before M Morris hit a couple of big straight sixes that took the game away from Northern.  Russell bowled well for his single over, Willacott taking a catch but the total was just too low as Top Cats reached 40 with 3 wickets in hand.

Northern will hope to improve in their two matches next week.

  C Brain        Bowled        Greaves      8
  R Palmer       Bowled        Morris       0
  B Horlock      Bowled        Greaves      0
  J Vaile        Caught        Rees         3
  A Chedzoy      Bowled        Greaves      2
  A Brewer       Bowled        Morris       1
  M Britton      C+B           Morris       0
  B Willacott    Bowled        Rees         1
  D Perkins      Bowled        Morris       2
  D Manley       Caught        Rees         2
  B Clarke       Not Out                    4
  Extras                                   13
  Total                                    39 all out

                     O   M   R   W
        R Greaves    5   1   9   3
        M Morris     5   0  16   4
        H Rees       5   0   7   3

  I Buckland     Ct (Chedzoy)  Horlock      1
  R Morris       Bowled        Horlock      2
  J Jones        R/O (Manley)               0
  R Greaves      Bowled        Clarke       0
  M Morris       Not Out                   21
  D Morris       Bowled        Brain        2
    Luff         Bowled        Horlock      0
  P Sheppard     Ct (Wil'cott) Palmer       1
  E Hayward      Not Out                    3
  H Rees
  T Cox
  Extras                                   10
  Total                                    40-7

                    O   M   R   W
        B Horlock   5   1  17   3
        B Clarke    2   0   9   1
        C Brain     3.1 1  10   1
        R Palmer    1   0   2   1

                 bat bowl catch runout stumping play TOTAL
  B Horlock       -5   45                        10    50
  C Brain          8   14                        10    32
  B Clarke         4   11                        10    25
  D Manley         2              10             10    22
  R Palmer        -5   16                        10    21
  A Chedzoy        2        5                    10    17
  B Willacott      1        5                    10    16
  J Vaile          3                             10    13
  D Perkins        2                             10    12
  A Brewer         1                             10    11
  M Britton       -5                             10     5

Man of Match - B Horlock

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    I love your match reports Dave! Better game today!

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