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Cardiff Northern received an invite today for a Pace Bowling Worksop.  The invite states

You will learn the unique ABSAT (Advanced Biomechanics Speed & Accuracy Training) methods founded by Ian Pont. On the workshop you will discover how to:

  • Bowl faster & straighter
  • Access power in the body
  • Break down and understand the bowling action
  • Learn what works for you and what doesn’t
  • Find the elusive ‘timing’ of the bowling action

……plus how to bowl yorkers, bouncers, swing, seam, and variations including the world’s best slower ball – The SLOB

You will also get the chance to bowl against the MCI Speed Gun so you can find out for yourself just how fast you really bowl!

For anyone interested the details are below.
Venue: SWALEC, Glamorgan CCC, Cardiff CF11 9XR
Date & Time: Tuesday, 30th March 6pm – 9pm
Cost £65
Further info at

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