Last game cancelled

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As I type the sun is shining and the sky blue. But nevertheless the game this evening is already off.  This apparently has been the worst summer in the history of the league for games cancelled.

To summarize we should have played 23 matches this season (plus the friendly at St Fagans).  We actually played 10 games, won 2 by forfeit and had 11 off.  We played on friendly on a rained off day and we played one on a forfeit day (which was rained off before the end).  Pretty pathetic all told.

Final league table will be up soon but I’m guessing at about 6th or 7th of 10.  Plus we had the only draw in the entire league season.

4 Responses to “Last game cancelled”

  1. russell palmer Says:

    Another shocking display by the league calling it off so early

  2. Dave Says:

    in this case it was the parks calling it off, not the league

  3. russell palmer Says:

    There both as bad as one another

  4. cricket fan Says:

    I want to see the updated league table.

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