Match vs Marshfield, Blackweir

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Lacking several batsmen Northern played bottom of the table Marshfield. With no Hood, Horlock, Vaile, Palmer among others Northern’s batting attack looked thin but first there was the matter of 18 overs in the field to deal with.  Brett Clarke took to his mark, put in a lovely delivery outside off stump, the batsmen edged, wicket keeper Manley took a safe catch, the batsman walked.  All was well.  That was until the umpire inexplicably shook his head, the batsman decided that he’d change his mind too and walk back to his crease.

It has to be said that it put the game on an early downer from which Northern never really recovered.  Brett bowled 3 overs for a miserly 8 runs but the score kept climbing.  Manley caught the opener behind, off Charles Brain, for 12 following a bit of a juggle with the umpire again trying to find an excuse to not give it until the square leg was consulted and Brain took his second wicket with a brilliant diving catch from Ashley Chedzoy that surely wins catch of the season with only 2 games left.  Chedzoy himself took two wickets, one caught and one bowled but the other Marshfield ticked on steadily towards his total of 62.  Dan Perkins had a direct hit run out as the Marshfield attempted to run off a wide but when Charles’ last ball in the 17th over was blasted for 6 leaving him with 42 conceded off only 4 overs the writing was on the wall.  A solid last over took the total score to 120.

Charles elected to open the batting with Manley and they both moved the score on slowly for the first few overs before Charles pulled his usual trick of running out his partner, Manley choosing to walk when the umpire wasn’t sure – Marshfield take note.  Simon Dutton and Dan Jones batted well as they both passed double figures but as the light descended batting and fielding got more and more difficult and only a duck from Barrie Willacott (to go with his dropped catch in the first innings) was of particular note as Northern moved onto 90 runs losing by 30.

Ashley Chezoy picks up man of the match for his all round display and Dan Jones top scored with the bat for the first time in his long Northern career.

  H Thomas       Not Out                   62
  M Tucker       Ct (Manley)   Brain       12
  N Lewis        Ct (Chedzoy)  Brain       16
  A Hagger       R/O (Perkins)              1
  L Thomas       Ct (Dutton)   Chedzoy      1
  A Danson       Bowled        Chedzoy      2
  P O'Brien      Not Out                    5
  G Jones
  D Thomas
  D Jones
  Extras                                   21
  Total                                   120-5

                    O   M   R   W
        B Clarke    3   1   8   0
        L Foley     4   0  22   0
        C Brain     4   0  42   2
        A Chedzoy   5   0  24   2
        S Dutton    2   0  21   0

  C Brain        Caught        G Jones      7
  D Manley       Run Out                    5
  S Dutton       Run Out                   14
  D Jones        Caught        H Thomas    15
  A Chedzoy      Not Out                   12
  B Willacott    Bowled        H Thomas     0
  L Foley        Run Out                    8
  D Perkins      Not Out                   10
  M Britton
  N Thomas
  B Clarke
  Extras                                   19
  Total                                    90-6

                     O   M   R   W
        A Hagger     5   0  27   0
        G Jones      5   0  19   1
        M Tucker     4   0  25   0
        H Thomas     4   0  15   2

                 bat bowl catch runout stumping play TOTAL
  A Chedzoy        6   35   5                    10    56
  S Dutton        19    0   5                    10    34
  D Jones         20                             10    30
  C Brain          7   15                        10    32
  B Clarke             18                        10    28
  D Manley         5        5                    10    20
  D Perkins                       10             10    20
  L Foley          8    0                        10    18
  M Britton                                      10    10
  N Thomas                                       10    10
  B Willacott     -5                             10     5

Man of Match - A Chedzoy

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  1. Charles Says:

    Hi Dave
    My name should be against Lewis & Tucker.

  2. Dave Says:

    ah yes – as should chedders against the over two – cut and paste error

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