End of Season do suggestions?

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The prospect of the end of the season looms near and Dan Jones has volunteered to organise but we want to come up with something before the end of the season so it doesn’t disappear into the ether.

Swindon dogs has been suggested and shouted down, Dan Perkins has suggested paint ball followed by food which might make for a good weekend activity.

Any other ideas? – add a comment below and we’ll see what the consensus is.

In our last episode we did a review on the , also let us know your thoughts on that.

15 Responses to “End of Season do suggestions?”

  1. Charles Says:

    There is a Pro40 at SWALEC stadium on 14th Spt starting at 16:40. I am unavailable though. Also, this would not allow speeches to take place unless we do them between innings but difficult if we do not have a private space.
    I would suggest mid-week rather than w/e.
    Other suggestions are bowling, indoor cricket match between ourselves followed by a meal (curry?), a net session with bowing machine, lazerquest (indoor version of paint-balling, climbing wall session (good for team work), boat trip around the Bay (a bit tame), comedy club. I am happy with anything as long as we are together so will leave with Dan to sort. Cheers

  2. Baz Says:

    I think the glee club! Or a six a side indoor game against ourselves.

    Martins boat holds six! We could take turns to go on a booze cruise!

  3. Dave Says:

    Dan and Dan suggested to me yesterday we just do curry on city road and into town from there. This is the best type of option for actually handing out awards and so on.

  4. Daniel Says:

    Cardiff Northern Cricket Club End of Season Dinner 2009

    Tradionally amongst sporting teams, the end of season event involves formality(this may be minimal in our case), awards and speeches being made. Therefore, after taking on board the comments above and the discussions after the previous 3 games. I’ve decided that a sit down curry meal will be best placed.

    The other main hurdle we have in organising the event is arranging a suitable date which is convenient for those individuals who’ve contributed the most this season whilst also allowing for other interested team members to attend as well.

    The following details have been taken into account, and provisional dates given before a final date will be set:

    i.) The consensus has been to make the event midweek (Monday to Thursday).
    ii.) Our last game of the season is Monday, 24th August, next week may therfore not be enough time for everyone to make any necessary arrangements.
    ii.) Bazza’a availability.

    Mon 31st Aug to Thur 3rd Sept
    Mon 7th Sept to Thurs 10th Sept
    Mon 14th Sept to Thurs 17th Sept
    Mon 21st Sept to Thurs 24th Sept

    I’ve provided the venue below based on it’s locality to town centre, but other suggestions are welcome.

    Venue: Bay of Bengal – City Road (Other options welcome)
    Date: TBC
    Time: Sit down at 7:30

  5. Dave Says:

    Dan – I support the Bay of Bengal idea and can do any date mentioned provided I get a weeks notice minimum. I’d want more notice than that to sort the end of season awards anyway.

    Throw a couple of dates out there and see what the majority can do.

  6. Charles Says:

    My availablility at the moment is:
    Sept 1,3,15,21,23,24,29,
    Oct 1,7,8,19,20,21,26,27,,28,29.
    Charles “My batting partner should be quicker between the wickets” Brain

  7. Martin Britton Says:

    How about the Juboraj on Mill Lane ? Its in town so eaier for people to get to than City Road. I’ve been there before for meals and christmas do’s and its very reasonable too.
    Las Iguanas might also be an option
    Thursday nights are good for me

  8. Steve Says:

    I like Baz’s idea of the Glee Club. Entry and food will come to about £15 each.
    As an alternaive his idea of going for an indoor game, some beer and food is also fine…although will need access to showers.
    As for dates, A thursday would be the most suitable, at least there is likely to be a few people about.

  9. Baz Says:

    Glee club!!!!!! Lets do it. Curry has been done soooooo many times before. I can only do the 14th out of the dates above.

  10. Baz Says:

    Sorry….i am availabe ALL WEEK from mon 14th. I’m off that week. The glee club has a stand up night on the thurs 17th. £8.50 per ticket. And I agree with steve that thurs will be better cos town will be a bit livelier.

  11. Baz Says:

    we could meet up before hand at (*for example) eli jenkins for the awards bit.

  12. dan Says:

    Thursday is the best option. Will be happy with Glee Club, sounds good. Entry is between 7:30pm and 8:00pm…….meet up beforehand would be needed to go through the formalities. Suggest 6:30pm – 7pm arrival at Eli..

    Options available though. Will have to have the main man Charles there and from the dates above the 24th of Sept looks like best option. Baz, you’ll have to take a sicky.

    Will have a text going out soon.

  13. Dave Says:

    Sorry to put a spanner in the works but I’m supposed to be working away in Telford 23rd to 25th. Chance I can wangle it to be done a day early but not for certain

  14. dan Says:

    Ok. If you can’t make that date. The next option is Thursday October 1st. We have at least 3 weeks….so plenty of time to let everyone know.

  15. Baz Says:

    Im on holiday for the 24th. the 1st oct will be ok with me.

    As for taking a sicky? No can do! Last time i was sick was 2nd Jan…..and im aiming to have my first EVER year without being sick!!!!

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