Match vs CCCC, Blackweir

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Following a much needed win Northern went up against the best side in the Division, CCCC.  How would they fair? This was the best track that we had played on all season.

Northern struggled to get an XI together and took to the field with only 8 players. It was always going to be a challenge to be competitive against the top of the league with a depleted side.

Northern bowled well with the ball swinging with Hood & Chedzoy keeping the home side down to 5.25 per over for the first 8 overs. Hood bowled Mohammad for 6 then bowled Lloyd for a golden duck with a yorker which just skimmed the bottom of off stump.  Northern crowded the new batsman and Hood was unlucky not to take a hat-trick as Thomas fended a straight ball in the air which fell just short of Perkins.

There were too many gaps in the field which allowed Clwb Criced to up the run rate, even off good balls. The batsmen took a liking to Perkins’ bowling, which was slightly too short, and scored 36 in two overs. Clarke took over from Perkins and bowled a good line and length ending up with 3 wickets off two overs for 11 runs. CCCC scored 147 off their 18 overs – this was not just a mountain to climb for Northern more like the whole range of the Himalayas.

Northern went into bat with the intention of trying to score batting points rather than win the game. Thomas, who was only asked to play at 6pm arrived just as Northern were preparing to go into bat. CCCC bowled well with both their opening bowlers getting away swing and the odd ball to lift. Hood, Brain, Palmer,Jones and Chedzoy all lost their wickets cheaply which put Northern in a precarious position. Perkins and Dutton both batted well and scored 11 and 19 respectively. Neil Thomas played well for his 3 as he defended the straight ball and looked to score off the bad balls. It was good to see Clarke swing the bat but the majority of his shots managed to find fielders. Northern was bowled out for 56.

All in all Northern were short of players and beaten by a much better side. CCCC were probably the strongest opposition we have faced this season with both bat, ball and fielding.

  I Weighell     Bowled        Clarke      64
  M Campodonic   LBW           Chedzoy      5
  S Mohammad     Bowled        Hood         6
  R Lloyd        Bowled        Hood         0
  G Thomas       Bowled        Brain       13
  A Edwards      Ct (Jones)    Clarke      27
  R Llewellyn    Bowled        Clarke       2
  P Grzonka      Not Out                   11
  J Jones        Not Out                    7
  G Skelding
  A Vittle
  Extras                                   12
  Total                                   147-7

                    O   M   R   W
        S Hood      5   0  25   2
        A Chedzoy   5   0  32   1
        C Brain     4   0  36   1
        D Perkins   2   0  36   0
        B Clarke    2   0  11   3

  S Hood         Caught        S Mohammad   0
  R Palmer       Caught        S Mohammad   0
  C Brain        Bowled        J Jones      3
  D Jones        Caught        J Jones      1
  A Chedzoy      LBW           J Jones      2
  D Perkins      Bowled        G Thomas    11
  S Dutton       Bowled        Campodonic  19
  N Thomas       Not Out                    3
  B Clarke       Bowled        Weighell     1
  Extras                                   16
  Total                                    56-8 (all out)

                     O   M   R   W
        S Mohamammad 2       2   2
        J Jones      3       4   3
        A Vittle     3      14   0
        A Edwards    2      10   0
        G Thomas     2   1   3   1
        P Grzonka    2       9   0
        R Lloyd      2       5   0
        I Weighell   1.1 1   0   1
        M Campodonic 1   1   4   1

                 bat bowl catch runout stumping play TOTAL
  B Clarke         1   30                        10    41
  S Hood          -5   35                        10    40
  S Dutton        24                             10    34
  D Perkins       16    0                        10    26
  C Brain          3   10                        10    23
  A Chedzoy        2   10                        10    22
  D Jones          1        5                    10    16
  N Thomas         3                             10    13
  R Palmer        -5                             10     5

Man of Match - B Clarke

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  1. Dave Says:

    I’d like to add my thanks to those who played a tough game with limited numbers. Hard I know as I’ve been there myself butit’s getting these games played that keeps us from being fined and docked points.

    I appreciate it.

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