Match vs Suburbian, Pontcanna

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A much changed Northern side took on fellow strugglers Suburbian.  Would the changes prove the difference? Would Baz get an over? The pitch was slow with a lot of marks on so made batting very difficult. Steve Hood and Nick Vaile got us off to a great start and then with Brendan Black coming to the crease after Steve was bowled trying to push the run rate along.

He batted well scorig a number of 4’s and hitting a huge 6 back over the bowlers head. Knowing we only had a few overs left and plenty of wickets Charles Brain tried to up the run rate and was caught cheaply.  Dan Jones initially struggled to get bat on ball at times but finished on 9 not out. Brendan batted very well and looked comfortable at the crease and finished on 28 not out.

We bowled well and did not allow the oppo to get runs on the board. The away side was 15 runs off 7 overs so we knew we had the match in the bag. Brett Clarke was managing to swing the ball both ways and bowled some superb off-cutters, one of which went through the batsmen defense and removed the bails. Dan Perkins also boweld well from the same end as Clarke and found some good away swing.

The one-handed Ashley Chedzoy bowled with his usual pace and accuracy and found the edge a couple of times but the ball landed in gaps.  Simon Dutton bowled well, a useful left arm spinner, and managed to get some turn off the pitch. He deserved his wicket. It was good to see Barrie Willacott and Martin Britton involved in the game with both of them taking an over each.  After a couple of looseners both Gnasher and Fern put some testing deliveries to the batsmen making them play but not giving scoring opportunities. Nick Vaile took the last over and should have had a wicket earlier in his over only as Brain, the stand-in wicket keeper, took the ball cleanly but did not manage to take the bails off when the batsman was a long way down the wicket. Nick did however take a wicket on the last ball of the match.

It was an enjoyable match with each side enjoying each others company. It was good to catch up with Jimmy Vaile after being absent with a shoulder injury who came to watch from the boundary. It was a good and vital win for Northern.

  S Hood         Bowled        D Leake     32
  N Vaile        Bowled        D Leake     26
  B Black        Not Out                   28
  C Brain        Caught        A Tags       2
  D Jones        Not Out                    9
  S Dutton
  A Chedzoy
  B Willacott
  M Britton
  D Perkins
  B Clarke
  Extras                                   19
  Total                                   116-3

                     O   M   R   W
        A Tagg       4   1  20   1
        Dean Goddard 4   0  31   0
        Dave Goddard 5   0  29   0
        D Leake      5   0  31   2

  D Leake        Ct (Dutton)   Perkins     17
  Da Goddard     Ct (Black)    Chedzoy      2
  A Tagg         Bowled        Clarke       3
  Jag            Ct (Hood)     Perkins      1
  De Goddard     Ct (Hood)     Vaile       14
  J Thomas       Ct (Vaile)    Dutton       0
  D Morgan       Not Out                    0
  C Lewis
  J Smith
  Extras                                   16
  Total                                    61-6

                    O   M   R   W
        B Clarke    3   0  11   1
        A Chedzoy   4   0   9   1
        D Perkins   4   0   9   2
        S Dutton    4   0  16   1
        B Willacott 1   0   3   0
        M Britton   1   0   4   0
        N Vaile     1   0   6   1

                 bat bowl catch runout stumping play TOTAL
  S Hood          47       10                    10    67
  N Vaile         41   10   5                    10    66
  B Black         43        5                    10    58
  D Perkins            44                        10    54
  A Chedzoy            34                        10    44
  S Dutton             22                        10    32
  B Clarke             19                        10    29
  D Jones          9                             10    19
  B Willacott           6                        10    16
  M Britton             3                        10    13
  C Brain          2                             10    12

Man of Match - S Hood

4 Responses to “Match vs Suburbian, Pontcanna”

  1. Martin Britton Says:

    You forgot to mention that Baz dropped a catch off my over !! If it wasn’t for him I’d have the best average !!

  2. Dave Says:

    I didn’t get told that – I’ll get him added to the dropped catches list

  3. Baz Says:

    It wasnt a drop!!!! I stopped a boundry for you!

  4. Martin Britton Says:

    the ball hit your hand, then the floor. If you had held it, it would have been a catch. I have seen blind children catch trickier balls 🙂

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