Match vs Cardiff North, Llandaff

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After a sequence of umpteen games called off Northern returned to the scene and opposition of their only victory so far this season. How would they get on?Northern went into the game without a number of batsman meaning that Charles Brain and Ashley Chedzoy were elevated to 3 and 4 in the batting order but when Northern were put into bat they’d have been hoping that Steve Hood and Russell Palmer would put on a big partnership to start the innings.  Steve started well hitting a big six in the second over only to see his attempt at repeating the trick in the third end in disaster as the North fielder took an excellent catch n the boundary.

Too often the loss of Hood can signal the end of a Northern innings but Russell and Charles set about building a partnership and both kept the run rate going as they passed 50, only Russell offering two catch chances.   Charles was eventually bowled for 42 with the total  just shy of 100 trying to send the ball into Pontcanna and Ashley scored 5 before hitting his own wicket for the second time this season.  Dan Jones followed quickly for a second consecutive golden duck and a quick single from Jason Gibson wrapped up the innings, Russell ending on 37NO.

Northern opened the bowling with Brett Clarke and when his second ball was pulled towards the boundary Ashley took an excellent catch on the run, complete with an extravagant forward roll but in the process split the webbing on his hand and had to depart the field for hospital denying Northern a first choice bowler.  Hood was denied an LBW shout and then an edge hit wicket keeper Manley in the leg and carried on for 4.  Shortly afterwards Manley redeemed himself catching the same player and some tight bowling from Charles and Steve meant the asking rate was steadily increasing.  Sadly 2 poor overs from Russell got North back into the game and Dan Perkins was unlucky to concede 11 off two overs of pacey and accurate bowling.  15 was required off the last two overs and captain Charles elected to give Brett the penultimate over saving Hood for the last and a few leg side deliveries dispatched to the boundary meant that North reached the target of 106 off the final ball of the 17th over.  3 high scoring overs won North the game but Brett had bowled well for his previous 4 overs and Russell batted brilliantly so they shouldn’t be blamed.

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  S Hood         Caught        Richards     9
  R Palmer       Not Out                   37
  C Brain        Bowled        Clarke      42
  A Chedzoy      Hit Wicket    Morley       5
  D Jones        Bowled        Chodri       0*
  J Gibson       Not Out                    1
  B Willacott
  M Britton
  D Perkins
  D Manley
  B Clarke
  Extras                                    7
  Total                                   105-4

                     O   M   R   W
        Richards     5   0  31   1
        Morley       4   0  17   2
        Morgan       5   0  29   0
        Clarke       4   0  25   1

  L Clarke       Not Out                   40
  A Smith        Ct (Chedzoy)  Clarke       0
  K Patel        Ct (Manley)   Hood        13
  I Blake        Bowled        Brain       20
  S Rigens       Bowled        Clarke       9
  D Morley       Not Out                   16
  R Morgan
  J Richards
  J Lovell
  J Maidment
  D Hatton
  Extras                                   10
  Total                                   106-4

                   O   M   R   W
        B Clarke   5   0  36   2
        S Hood     4   0  12   1
        C Brain    4   0  17   1
        R Palmer   2   0  25   0
        D Perkins  2   0  11   0
                 bat bowl catch runout stumping play TOTAL
  C Brain         57   22                        10    89
  R Palmer        52   -5                        10    57
  S Hood           9   22                        10    41
  B Clarke             20                        10    30
  A Chedzoy        5        5                    10    20
  D Manley                  5                    10    15
  J Gibson         1                             10    11
  B Willacott                                    10    10
  M Britton                                      10    10
  D Perkins             0                        10    10
  D Jones        -10                             10     0

Man of Match - C Brain

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