End of season awards

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As the season is over it’s time to vote for the end of season awards. As usual it’s Player of the Year, Batsman of the Year, Bowler of the Year and Clubman of the Year.

Usual rules, players who’ve played in 5 or more games get to vote and these are the following:-
Brain, Britton, Chedzoy, Clarke, Hood, Jones (Dan), Manley, Palmer, Perkins, Willacott.  That list have all been texted as a prompt – please vote ASAP.

To vote either text me or click on the About Us link at the top and use the contact page. Don’t reply to this as it’s supposed to be anonymous (apart from me as I count them up).

And don’t try voting twice!

Last game cancelled

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As I type the sun is shining and the sky blue. But nevertheless the game this evening is already off.  This apparently has been the worst summer in the history of the league for games cancelled.

To summarize we should have played 23 matches this season (plus the friendly at St Fagans).  We actually played 10 games, won 2 by forfeit and had 11 off.  We played on friendly on a rained off day and we played one on a forfeit day (which was rained off before the end).  Pretty pathetic all told.

Final league table will be up soon but I’m guessing at about 6th or 7th of 10.  Plus we had the only draw in the entire league season.

Just the one to go

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Last night’s game resulted in a forfeit by 25th Scimitar Cavaliers so Northern pick up maximum points.

EDIT: In all the drama of the weather we didn’t twig that no-one finished that night hence the games all go down as not played and we don’t get the forfeit victory.

Northern ended up having a 15 over a side friendly against another team without an opposition.  Read more…

Match vs Marshfield, Blackweir

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Lacking several batsmen Northern played bottom of the table Marshfield. Read more…

End of Season do suggestions?

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The prospect of the end of the season looms near and Dan Jones has volunteered to organise but we want to come up with something before the end of the season so it doesn’t disappear into the ether.

Swindon dogs has been suggested and shouted down, Dan Perkins has suggested paint ball followed by food which might make for a good weekend activity.

Any other ideas? – add a comment below and we’ll see what the consensus is.

In our last episode we did a review on the , also let us know your thoughts on that.

Match vs CCCC, Blackweir

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Following a much needed win Northern went up against the best side in the Division, CCCC.  How would they fair? Read more…

Match vs Suburbian, Pontcanna

Author: Dave  |  Category: Matches

A much changed Northern side took on fellow strugglers Suburbian.  Would the changes prove the difference? Would Baz get an over? Read more…

Ash demonstrates how not to catch a ball

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In taking his catch last night Ashley did a little bit of damage to his hand.  Those squeamish may not want to click through.  Read more…

Match vs Cardiff North, Llandaff

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After a sequence of umpteen games called off Northern returned to the scene and opposition of their only victory so far this season. How would they get on? Read more…

Yup. Off again.

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Maybe 6th august will survive for the big derby against Cardiff North? Maybe.