Match vs CCCC, Llandaff

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Another lovely sunny day and Northern were at Llandaff to take on CCCC who got promoted with them last season.  It was a high scoring game for both sides.

Stand-in captain Jimmy lost another toss and CCCC chose to bat but Northern were bouyed by the return of Hood, Horlock and Dan Jones and by the fact that the player who did so much damage last season, George Hopes, wasn’t around.  Breet Clarke opened the bowling alongside Ben Horlock – aka Pro, aka Benji, aka Benny Boy, aka Poker Star and finally, a new one based on the CCCC scorecard, Warlock.

CCCC batsman I Harry was off into his stride early but Ben was getting the ball to swing significantly and was harshly wided a couple of times when the ball moved significantly after beating the bat.  The field was still a bit shell shocked from the previous game though and keeper David Manley was fumbling everything.

Brett had an expensive second over and Dan Perkins conceded 23 off his solitary over but Ben was bowling well and took two wickets, the first a catch by Barrie Willacott and the second a take behind by Manley who actually for the first time in the game managed to hold onto something.  This brought J Jones to the crease and he and Harry started to build a significant score as the frustration grew in the field and more mistakes were being made.  Ashley Chedzoy had some more success early in his spell but the score kept climbing and even Steve Hood was unable to halt the climbing total.  Manley did manage his third stumping of the season with a shy at the stumps off the bowling of Hood, albeit to the consternation of Mr Jones who objected to the umpire claiming the ball to be dead.  Russell had to bowl the penultimate over and went for 10 off his 6 balls before Hood closed out the innings with CCCC on 164 and Harry not out on 84.  29 extras were scored and that is way too many for an 18 over game although Hood and Horlock were both the victim of some harsh wide calls.

Jimmy and Dave gathered the team in for some much needed home truths while Steve and Jimmy padded up ready to start the recovery.  164 was a big score but not impossible.  The scoring started well and Hood was already on about 20 when Jimmy, playing a supporting role, got bowled by a spinner trying to force the issue after being bowled two horrible wides.   This brought the in-form Russell Palmer to the crease and he and Steve set off on a new partnership which took Northern up towards 100 at a steady rate with some excellent running.  The heat was still significant and both did well, Steve scoring 5 consecutive 2s at one point.  12 overs gone and the required rate was 11 an over but when overs 13 and 14 went for 11 and 12 the players on the side begain to believe that Steve and and Russ could see Northern home.

Opening bowler J Jones had other ideas however and when he came back on to continue his spell he managed to turn the game firmly back in the favour of CCCC when he got Steve LBW and Russell caught in a double wicket maiden.  Ben and Baz were left with needing 44 off 3 overs and although they got within 20 of the total it was always likely to be too much.

Northern will hope to improve their fielding and bowling in the next game as the excellent batting form of Russell, Steve and Ben should be enough to chase down most average totals.

  I Harry        Not Out                   84
  S Vittle       Ct (Willacott)Horlock      9
  D Emyr         Ct (Manley)   Horlock      5
  J Jones        St (Manley)   Hood        33
  M Campadonic   Not Out                    4
  A Vittle
  P Andrews
  J Edwards
  G Thomas
  W Williams

  Extras                                   29
  Total                                   164-3

                   O   M   R   W
        B Clarke   3   0  24   0
        B Horlock  5   0  45   2
        D Perkins  1   0  23   0
        A Chedzoy  4   0  23   0
        S Hood     4   0  30   1
        R Palmer   1   0  10   0

  J Vaile        Bowled        A Vittle     4
  S Hood         LBW           Jones       68
  R Palmer       Caught        Jones       23
  B Horlock      Not Out                   13
  B Willacott    Not Out                    4
  D Jones
  A Chedzoy
  M Britton
  D Perkins
  D Manley
  B Clarke
  Extras                                   32
  Total                                   144-3

                     O   M   R   W
        J Jones      5   1  17   2
        J Edwards    1.1 0   7   0
        A Vittle     1.5 0  12   1
        G Thomas     4   0  36   0
        I Harry      5   0  45   0
        S Vittle     1   0   8   0
                 bat bowl catch runout stumping play TOTAL
  S Hood         103   10                        10   123
  B Horlock       18   20                        10    48
  R Palmer        28    0                        10    38
  D Manley                  5              10    10    25
  B Willacott      4        5                    10    19
  J Vaile          4                             10    14
  D Jones                                        10    10
  A Chedzoy             0                        10    10
  M Britton                                      10    10
  D Perkins            -5                        10     5
  B Clarke             -5                        10     5

Man of Match - S Hood

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