Match vs Star, Llandaff, Cup

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As has become customary with me updating the site Northern lost heavily immediately afterwards.

Playing against League new boys Star CC in the cup was always likely to prove a difficult fixture especially with Brain, Hood, Horlock and Dan Jones all missing however Northern welcomed back last years best bowler, Gareth Jones.

A strange set of opening overs when balls were either dots or boundaries meant that it was tricky to judge just how well we were doing.  Jimmy and Brett combined to effect a run out and Dave Manley again shied at the stumps for another unorthodox  stumping.  The main problem was the opposition were prepared to slog everything and balls kept landing in the gaps or going for 4 and those deliveries that were missed also sailed past the stumps.

A key moment in the Star innings was when their highest score mistimed a shot that sailed straight towards Martin Britton on the boundary who put the ball down and also allowed it to cross the boundary.  The very next ball the same batsman put the ball high in the air only to see Gaz spill the caught and bowled chance.  Several overs later Martin was to put down another very similar chance and Baz missed a diving catch which bounced under him and away for another 4 runs.   The bowling wasn’t bad but although Ashley took 2 wickets he and Russell couldn’t stem the flow of runs and a final over of 25 as Russell was shown no mercy led Star to a massive total of 193.   This beat the previous high score against Northern set by Cardiff Asians 7 years ago but unlike then no-one bowled badly, it was just a case of some bludgeoning batting on a small pitch.

Going into bat Northern had no batting points to play for so set about trying to attack and Russell raced along to 24 while the total was helped by 15 wides in the second over alone.  Jimmy managed 17 and Baz got a quickfire 14 before Brendan top scored with an excellent 25.  Only Gareth (2) and Ashley (1) failed with the bat as the 18 overs yielded 123 runs (Martin 5NO, Dan P 5 NO).

On a bigger pitch and with a couple of catches held Northern could have restricted Star to around 100 and then may well have progressed.

  Bally          R/O (Vaile/Clarke)         5
  Ahmed          Caught        Chedzoy     29
  Habib          Bowled        Jones        4
  M. Ali         St (Manley)   Jones       12
  Naveed         Bowled        Chedzoy     41
  Imran          Not Out                   39
  Aamir          Not Out                   36

  Extras                                   27
  Total                                   193-5

                   O   M   R   W
        B Clarke   3   0  16   0
        G Jones    5   0  39   2
        D Perkins  3   0  32   0
        R Palmer   4   0  63   0
        A Chedzoy  3   0  42   2

  J Vaile        Bowled        Aamir       17
  R Palmer       Caught        Aamir       24
  G Jones        Caught        Habib        2
  B Willacott    Bowled        Habib       14
  B Black        Bowled        Asif        25
  A Chedzoy      Bowled        Habib        1
  M Britton      Not Out                    5
  D Perkins      Not Out                    1
  D Manley
  N Thomas
  B Clarke
  Extras                                   34
  Total                                   123-6

                     O   M   R   W
        Naveed       4   0  26   0
        Asghar       2   0  31   0
        Aamir        3   0  12   2
        Habib        5   0  31   3
        Imran        3   0  12   0
        Asim         1   0   6   1
                 bat bowl catch runout stumping play TOTAL
  B Black         40        5                    10    55
  J Vaile         22        5     5              10    42
  G Jones          2  20                         10    32
  R Palmer        29 -10                         10    29
  A Chedzoy        1  15                         10    26
  B Willacott     14                             10    24
  D Manley                                10     10    20
  B Clarke             0          5              10    15
  M Britton        5                             10    15
  N Thomas                                       10    10
  D Perkins        1 -10                         10     1

Man of Match - B Black

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