Match vs Cardiff North, Llandaff

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After 2 consecutive games rained off Northern were back on the astroturf pitch at Llandaff against the only team in the division with 2 wins out of 2, Cardiff North. Charles Brain once more demonstrated an inability to toss and North chose to bat.

Dan Perkins opened the bowling once more and started with a couple of tidy overs before 3 consecutive balls went for 14 runs at the start of the 5th over. Both he and Brett Clarke took a break after 3 overs each and Russell Palmer and Charles came on to continue the attack. However by this time the North openers were in full flow and by the 10th over were on 82 runs and looking like posting a massive total.

Returning wicket keeper David Manley was trying to keep the field motivated but heads were dropping until Russell produced the breakthrough in his 3rd over as Smith was bowled off his pads. This rejuvinated Northern and the game change dramatically. Russell quickly took a second wicket before 2 steepling catches were taken by Steve Hood and Brain.

Hood came onto bowl and the 5th North batsman was stumped off his bowling by Manley and then off the final ball of his spell Palmer completed his fivefor as Vaile took another catch in the deep. There was enough time for Hood to take his 2nd wicket before the innings was concluded at 112-7. An excellent recovery from Northern leaving a total one run fewer than they scored on the same pitch the week before.

No sooner had the Northern innings started when Jimmy Vaile was bowled for one bringing Palmer and Hood together. 5 overs in and the run rate was climbing but when the North change bowlers came on things changed dramatically.
Steve and Russell proceeded to hit balls to all parts of the ground and although Hood was lucky to escape when a routine chance was dropped they looked otherwise comfortable as they rotated the strike and picked up a boundary or two every over. 4 overs shared between 2 expensive change bowlers took the game away from North and although the openers returned to try to get a breakthrough it was to be fruitless. Steve reached his fifty with a four and shortly after despatched the ball for a huge 6. A fifth bowler was used but he conceded 9 in 3 balls as the target of 113 was achieved with 4.3 overs remaining.

An excellent performance from both Steve and Russ who dominated the Northern fantasy cricket points.

Clarke         Ct (Brain)    Palmer      48
Smith          Bowled        Palmer      33
Morgan         Bowled        Palmer       3
Patel          Ct (Hood)     Palmer       2
Riggins        St (Manley)   Hood         0
Towsin         Ct (Vaile)    Palmer       4
Maidment       Not Out                    6
Morley         Bowled        Hood         4
Hatton         Not Out                    1
Extras                                   11
Total                                   112-7

           O   M   R   W
D Perkins  3   0  17   0
B Clarke   3   0  23   0
R Palmer   5   0  32   5
C Brain    3   0  25   0
S Hood     4   0  16   2

J Vaile        Caught        Morley       1
S Hood         Not Out                   61
R Palmer       Not Out                   28
C Brain
B Willacott
D Jones
D Manley
D Perkins
M Britton
N Thomas
B Clarke
Extras                                   23
Total                                   113-1

             O   M   R   W
Morley       5   1  23   2
Clarke       4   0  20   1
Towsin       2   0  24   2
Hatton       2   0  22   3
Patel        0.3 0   9   0

               bat bowl catch runout stumping play TOTAL
S Hood          96   32   5                    10   143
R Palmer        43   65                        10   118
D Manley                                10     10    20
J Vaile          1        5                    10    16
C Brain              -5   5                    10    10
B Willacott                                    10    10
D Jones                                        10    10
M Britton                                      10    10
N Thomas                                       10    10
B Clarke              0                        10    10
A Chedzoy                                      10    10
D Perkins            -5                        10     5

Man of Match - S Hood

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