Match vs Rags, Blackweir

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Northern entered this game really needing to bounce back after some horrific results and not even being able to field a side in the cup and thus forfeiting the tie.

Batting first Hood and Vaile started well and got better and better. Despite not timing the ball that well the first 10 overs went for 80 runs as Hood and Vaile found every part of the Blackwier pitch. A ful toss led to a monstrous six by Steve Hood which ended up in the river – Ashley thought about climbing in after it but gave up when the water reached his waist. A new ball was found and the innings continued and the club record score was passed without loss! Steve beat his own individual club record before they both fell in successive balls. Although this slowed the run rate Horlock and Gerrard set about finishing the job and added another 15 runs leaving the new club record as 141-2.

To seal the performance it was decided that Northern should forget about restricting the run rate and try to take all the Rags wickets and everyone seemed up for it in the field. However wicketkeeper Manley put down a chance in the first over and Gerrard missed an straightforward slip catch in the second but Vaile did manage to hang onto one. Chedzoy came on and started poorly but an inspired two balls saw Durani caught behind and Clack’s stumps shattered. However he bottled the hattrick ball with a leg side wide. Brain came on to bowl and bowled a great spell as Willacott took a catch at extra cover, Davies was bowled for a duck and Manley took a one handed effort for his second catch. Horlock then came on for a fiery spell in which Manley took his third catch to a ball glanced down leg and finally Dan Jones took the final catch at gully. Rags should be congratulated on their fair play as they walked for every catch – White even overruling the umpire who had signalled a wide.

Roving reporter Ashley Chedzoy had this to say “After a truly disappointing couple of weeks, Cardiff Northern were inspired back to form by their captain Judith Chalmers(AKA Charles Brain). The game against Rags was played in really good form and sportsmanship. A solid opening partnership between Jimmy Vaile & Steve Hood set us on the way to a Cardiff Northern record of 141-2. A man of the match display by Steve Hood having a solid knock of 69 and Jimmy anchoring the innings with another commendable 37! We then went onto a fairly solid performance in the field, Knocking the Rags all over for 69! There is still room for improvement, including myself as i was bowling on the other track in my first over!!! Anyway back to winning ways lads, lets have a real push for the league this season, it is well within reach & with regular performances like this we are all more than capable!!!! I look forward to seeing all Friday night, some real team bonding gents!(Dont forget your gimp suit Charlie). Stamps are on there way Mr Manley!”

  S Hood         Caught        Davies      69
  J Vaile        Run Out                   37
  B Horlock      Not Out                    7
  D Gerrard      Not Out                    8
  C Brain
  A Chedzoy
  B Willacott
  D Jones
  D Manley
  D Perkins
  B Clarke
  Extras                                   20
  Total                                   141

                     O   M   R   W
        Lloyd        5   0  20   0
        H Parsons    2   0  22   0
        D Parsons    4   0  48   0
        J Davies     4   0  34   1
        C Woods      3   0   7   0
  M Durani       Ct (Manley)   Chedzoy     33
  D Parsons      Ct (Vaile)    Perkins      0
  C Woods        Ct (Wil'cott) Brain        7
  J Davies       Bowled        Brain        0
  T Clack        Bowled        Chedzoy      0
  D Lloyd        Ct (Manley)   Horlock      5
  N White        Ct (Manley)   Brain        7
  N Parsons      Not Out                    0
  I Hillier      Ct (D Jones)  Horlock      2
  Extras                                   15
  Total                                    69 all out

                   O   M   R   W
        B Clarke   2   0  16   0
        D Perkins  2   0  19   1
        A Chedzoy  3   0  20   2
        C Brain    5   2   3   3
        B Horlock  3   0  11   2
                 bat bowl catch runout stumping play TOTAL
  S Hood         104                              10  114
  C Brain             60                          10   70
  J Vaile         52         5                    10   67
  B Horlock        7  29                          10   46
  A Chedzoy           20                          10   30
  D Manley                  15                    10   25
  D Perkins           10                          10   20
  D Gerrard        8                              10   18
  B Willacott                5                    10   15
  D Jones                    5                    10   15
  B Clarke            -5                          10    5

Man of Match – S Hood

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