Match vs Clwb Ifor Bach, Caedelyn

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After the first three matches of the new season were played in glorious sunshine, dark clouds and rain had threatened the evenings match against the old adversary Clwb Ifor Bach. It was scenes of a different nature that got a few eyebrows raised.

Shock and bewilderment were seen as Cardiff Northern experienced not only their first ever streaker, but also a raid onto the field by two local youths, grabbing the bails and running off with them. It was only the valiant and quick responses of Ashley Chedzoy and Dan “The Perculator” Perkins in chasing down the aforementioned which denied the youths of their shallow trophy.

It is yet unsure whether this was a premeditated invasion of the field or a spontaneous act to gain attention and admiration among the young men?s followers on the boundary. We can only speculate as to the foray, but this might represent the price for our early success in the division. One can only hope that if the unfortunate incident was to repeat itself, the individual would be of the opposite gender.

With CIB struggling to raise enough players, the match got underway a little later than scheduled, CIB batting first. The two opening batsmen looking very composed at the crease got off to a good start and quickly put runs on the board. The first wicket came at the hands of D Perkins, a quick ball which kept low on the unpredictable pitch deceived the batsman and bowled the impressive C John. D Perkins completed his 2 wicket performance with an overhead catch, a contender for catch of the season.

The veteran bowler of the team, B Clarke has had his best start to the season, again capping his performance with four wickets. CIB never regained their momentum after the opening batsmen were removed, a total of 76 for 5 wickets was posted and confidence was high with the home team.

Cardiff Northern opened the batting with J Vaille and got off to a good start getting 3 runs off the first ball. An initial promising start and solid display was replaced when first Morgan is bowled by the unorthodox style of H Owen, and Vaille being caught from Lewis.

The bowling of Owen caused further wickets to tumble in the top half of Northern?s batting order. It was only Chedzoy with a solid 15 which halted the fall of wickets, but once he was removed, there was nervy edge to the game as the light was fading fast. The saviour of the match came in the form of club captain Brain. Brain steadied the ship with some big hits and was picking the spinner off with ease as wickets tumbled around him.

It was down to club veteran and last batsman B Clarke to be the resolute partner for the impressive Brain. Clarke also holds the record for the number of consecutive matches not out, this knowledge gave the bench some optimism for a winning outcome. Clarke played his part well with a solid defensive performance, but ultimately the target of 77 for a win remained agonisingly out of reach, and the game ended in a tie. This is only the second tie in Northern’s history the first also coming at the hands of CIB.

A game to go down in Cardiff Northern history and will talked about for years to come.

  C John         Bowled        Perkins    14
  J James        Ct (Perkins)  Clarke     23
  A Lewis        Ct (Brain)    Clarke      0
  R Ap Gwyn      Ct (Morgan)   Clarke     14
  R Rudge        Run Out (Gerrard/Manley)  7
  S Lewis        Bowled        Clarke      2
  H Owen         Not Out                   1
  R Hughes       Not Out                   0

  Extras                                  11
  Total                                   76-5

                   O   M   R   W
        B Clarke   3   0  13   1
        D Perkins  3   0  16   1
        A Chedzoy  5   0  24   0
        C Brain    5   0  14   1
        D Gerrard  2   0  10   2
  J Vaile        Caught        Lewis       10
  R Morgan       Bowled        Owen         6
  C Baker        Bowled        Owen         5
  A Gill         Bowled        Owen         0
  A Chedzoy      Bowled        John        15
  D Gerrard      Bowled        Owen         0
  C Brain        Not Out                   30
  D Perkins      C+B           James        4
  D Jones        LBW           James        1
  D Manley       Caught        James        0*
  B Clarke       Run Out                    0
  Extras                                    5
  Total                                    76 all out

                     O   M   R   W
        H Owen       5   0  14   4
        A Lewis      5   0  22   1
        T James      4   0  14   3
        C John       4   0  19   1
                 bat bowl catch runout stumping play TOTAL
  C Brain         45   40     5                   10   100
  A Chedzoy       20   15                         10    45
  D Gerrard       -5   26           5             10    31
  B Clarke         0   19                         10    29
  D Perkins        4   10     5                   10    29
  J Vaile         15                              10    25
  R Morgan         6          5                   10    21
  C Baker          5                              10    15
  D Jones          1                              10    11
  A Gill          -5                              10     5
  D Manley       -10                5             10     5

Man of Match – C Brain

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