Match vs The 404’s, Blackweir

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Any doubts over whether Northern club captain Charles Brain could command a regular place were dismissed with a performance of cleaver and skilful bowling. His figures of 4 over’s 1 maiden, 3 wickets for 10 runs, plus a run out were outstanding.

On a hot fine day 404’s won the toss and their captain Kevin Thomas choose to bat, a sensible decision considering the conditions.

Northern made a good start with Clarke again bowling like a man possessed to take a wicket in his first over, uprooting L Davis’ middle stump in the process. Clarke repeated his feat by then bowling P Guy (12) in his next over. This brought Thomas (32) and M Jones (13) to the crease. Their batting almost swung the match in 404’s favour as they struck a super stand of 34.

Northern regained the momentum when the back up bowling of Gas Jones and Brain started to strangle the opposition. Jones went for 24 off his 5 overs, but the stats lie in this case. Jones found the edge a number of times with no avail. Brain did however manage to keep the run rate down by going for only 2.2 per over. His first wicket was a peach with a devilishly deceptive slower ball that seemed to almost drop out of the air to deceive M Jones. His third over was the key when Brain first dismissed Thomas for a tremendous 32, and then in the same over bowled Pitman for a duck.

The innings ended with two run-outs with 404’s setting a testing target of 93 ending on 92-8.

Worryingly for both sides the second highest sorer in the 404 innings was the extras column. This is definitely something Northern will need to work on to make a serious challenge for the title.

With a stiff target set, Northerns opening pair of James Vaile and ‘Chinky’ Gerrard made a good start ticking over at a run a ball for the first couple of over’s. Gerrard deciding it was time for him to attack mistimed a cover drive straight to the fielder. Gerrard is impressing selectors at the moment with his aggressive batting and cleaver leg-breaks.

Northern were going along steadily but in the second third of their innings they started to lose momentum. Vaile was struggling with any shots of an aggressive nature and the team, looking to bat around him, were getting out trying to increase the run rate.

Then came the most controversial moment in the match. With Lailvaux on strike and Vaile at the non strikers end, Vaile called for a quick single. With confusion apparently rife, Lailvaux and Vaile ended up at the same end. Vaile began to walk off but was quickly told to walk back when it was decided the batmen never crossed. This was a key moment in the game as it brought Gaz Jones to the crease. With 29 needed from 3 over’s Jones got stuck into his task, hitting three fours and running quick singles.

The match went down to a thrilling last over to be bowled by 404’s captain Thomas. With five needed in six balls Jones hit a couple and then settled the match with a huge six straight down the ground. Vaile carried bat and played a solid innings timing the ball well and not giving any chances to the opposition.

Northern are now 3 from 3 and are proving themselves capable of chasing down a target as well as setting it. If Northern can keep this type of performance up then they can challenge for the championship.

  L Davis        Bowled        Clarke      0
  P Guy          Bowled        Clarke     12
  K Thomas       Bowled        Brain      32
  M Jones        Bowled        Brain      13
  D Pitman       Bowled        Brain       0
  D Bowen        Ct (D.Jones)  Gerrard     7
  N Edwards      Not Out                   7
  G Williams     Run Out (Brain)           1
  J Lewis        Run Out (W'cott/Morgan)   0
  G Griffin
  B Bremner
  Extras                                  14
  Total                                   92-8

                   O   M   R   W
        B Clarke   3   0   9   2
        D Perkins  3   0  25   0
        C Brain    4   1  10   3
        G Jones    5   0  24   0
        D Gerrard  3   0  18   1
  J Vaile        Not Out                    30
  D Gerrard      Caught        Bremner       6
  B Willacott    Bowled        Griffiths     7
  R Morgan       Bowled        Bowen         1
  A Gill         Bowled        Bowen         6
  R Lailvaux     Stumped       Bowen         0
  G Jones        Not Out                    26
  C Brain
  D Jones
  D Perkins
  B Clarke
  Extras                                    20
  Total                                    96-5

                     O   M   R   W
        B Bremner    5   0  20   1
        G Griffiths  5   0  17   1
        D Bowen      4   0  21   3
        K Thomas     4   0  25   0
                 bat bowl catch runout stumping play TOTAL
  C Brain              54          10             10    74
  G Jones         41   15                         10    66
  J Vaile         45                              10    55
  B Clarke             38                         10    48
  D Gerrard        6   10                         10    26
  B Willacott      7                5             10    22
  R Morgan         1                5             10    16
  A Gill           6                              10    16
  D Jones                    5                    10    15
  D Perkins             0                         10    10
  R Lailvaux      -5                              10     5
  A Chedzoy                                       10*   10
  D Manley                                        10*   10

Man of Match – C Brain

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