Match vs Cardiff Maccabi, Llandaff

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A new season begins and Northern get off to a flyer. With an unprecedented 13 players and
with Chris Baker injured selection is largely based on people who
turned up to nets.  This shows in the batting with the opening 4
batsman all getting credible knocks. Hood stars with 49 before being
caught in two minds and literally being caught. A middle order
collapse with the non-netters ensued but a brief flourish from captain
Steve Palmer takes Northern to their record scoreline and within 3
runs of the 5th batting point.

The scoreline was never threatened and when new keeper Dave Manley
took a catch behind of the second ball of the Maccabi innings the
writing was on the wall. Russell Palmer was excellent taking 5-7 from
5 overs.  Only a poor over from Matthew Rowley and a couple of
dropped catches spoil the performance.
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  N Jones        Stumped       Bernstein  20
  B Willacott    Caught        Caplan      9
  S Hood         Caught        Cotson     49
  M Rowley       Bowled        Witcoop    16
  D Jones        Caught        Witcoop     0
  B Howells      Bowled        Cotson      3
  M Walsh        Caught        Witcoop     0
  R Palmer       Caught        Witcoop     3
  S Palmer       Not Out                  10
  D Manley       Not Out                   1
  B Clarke
  Extras                                   6
  Total                                  117-8

                     O   M   R   W
        B Bernstein  5   0  30   1
        M Caplan     5   0  33   1
        D Witcoop    4   0  30   4
        M Cotson     4   0  24   2

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  R Cantor       Bowled        R Palmer    2
  M Caplan       Ct (Manley D) Hood        0
  S Rolnick      Not Out                  22
  B Bernstein    Ct (Hood)     R Palmer    3
  N Myoson       Ct (Wi'cott)  R Palmer    2
  S Salomon      Bowled        R Palmer    0
  S Hamilton     C & B         R Palmer    0
  D Witcoop      Not Out                   7
  M Joseph
  M Cotson
  Extras                                  14
  Total                                   58-6

                   O   M   R   W
        S Hood     5   0  13   1
        R Palmer   5   1   7   5
        B Clarke   3   0   9   0
        M Walsh    2   0   3   0
        B Howells  2   0   5   0
        M Rowley   1   0  14   0

Man of Match – Steve Hood

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